Vampire Survivors gets huge free update, coming soon

Poncle has just revealed the release date for Vampire Survivors' massive new update Whiteout, and its arrival is quickly approaching.

Vampire Survivors free update: A vampire man wearing a collared red cape glares on ahead of a snowy background

Vampire Survivors is still occupying my mind and my Steam library’s installed games. Poncle sucked me into its endless cycle of bullet-hell combat almost instantly, and I haven’t been able to escape it since. It looks like I’ll be hopping back into the game yet again, thanks to a major free update. With steady patches and DLC releases, the game expands regularly, leaving a variety of new content to traverse through and a slew of achievements to work towards.

One thing I value highly about Vampire Survivors is the developer’s involvement with the roguelike game‘s community. Poncle writes in a recent post, “Feeling cute, might release a free update on Thursday.” The developer goes on to clarify that its upcoming patch is ‘Whiteout,’ and it brings “a frosty new stage, a new character, weapon, and more” to Vampire Survivors.

Poncle revealed Whiteout, also dubbed patch 1.7, itself a little while back, but the dev has only just now announced its release date. With the post, we now know that the free update drops on Thursday, October 19. Thus far, it looks like we’re getting a snowy map and wintery enemies to go alongside it, as well as a new blue-haired character called She-Moon to play.

YouTube Thumbnail

We haven’t seen much of her, but she looks stunning in my opinion. With her icy flowing cape and wintery presence, She-Moon may just end up being my new go-to character. Final Fantasy Shiva stans, rise up. I’m also excited to see her unique abilities and the new weapon coming with Whiteout, the Glass Fandango.

It looks like some sort of spear or sword with emanating frosty magic. The new 1.7 evolution for the Glass Fandango turns it into a more powerful, shimmery version of itself. Maybe we’ll finally get to find the vampire, too. More likely though, we’ll only find Whiteout’s new relic, the Antidote.

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