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Vampire Survivors developer is “investigating” online multiplayer

Poncle recently answered player questions regarding its iconic arcade-style game Vampire Survivors, and it looks like full online multiplayer may be underway.

Vampire Survivors online multiplayer: A red Grim Reaper-like character with a scythe floats against a chaotic backdrop of enemy hordes

Vampire Survivors is one of my all-time favorite games, and it isn’t just because of my completely illogical obsession with all things vampire. In fact, it’s a running joke within the community that vampires may or may not even exist in-game yet. Poncle’s game is actually incredible due to its addictive gameplay and fast-paced combat. While each stage is half an hour long, you’ll easily lose hours in-game as you forget what time even is. The indie developer recently sat down for an AMA on Reddit, answering questions and alluding to possible online multiplayer.

It’s no secret that Vampire Survivors created an entire genre made up of retro-style arcade aesthetic and thrilling bullet hell mechanics. The unique roguelike game quickly sparked a cult following, with various developers hoping to capture that same magic. Poncle is also quite active with its community, taking the time to do multiple Q&A sessions and AMA responses.

In some of the developer’s most recent replies, we learn that the team has a lot in store, from aliens to online multiplayer. “Yes, we’re investigating proper online co-op,” the developer writes following a fan’s question regarding full multiplayer, “but we cannot make any promises at this time as it’s a massive undertaking.”

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Poncle also mentions other upcoming features in the Reddit thread. One player asks the dev if the studio has “any plans to add aliens.” Excitingly enough, it looks like we’ll be getting some funky extraterrestrial characters as the dev simply says, “Yes.” I don’t know about you guys, but I will be playing as said alien as soon as it arrives in-game.

One of the biggest questions that has plagued my own mind since I first played Vampire Survivors is also asked, as a fan questions if we’ll ever see the “elusive vampire.” Poncle says “The Vampire is a bit shy, maybe try again later.” The dev goes on to once more reference the game’s “vampire” in response to a query about Easter eggs saying, “Still, nobody has found the Vampire.” Could this mean he truly exists?

While you wait for online multiplayer and other new features, be sure to check out some of the game’s current mysteries with our full guide on all of Vampire Survivors’ secret characters. Alternatively, you can browse through our in-depth explanation of our favorite Vampire Survivors build if you’re struggling to get through some of the stages and kick reaper butt.