Bloodlines 2 adds one of the best Vampire The Masquerade clans

As details about Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 slink out of the shadows, it turns out one of the best VTM clans will be playable.

Bloodlines 2 adds one of the best Vampire The Masquerade clans: A pale woman with short red hair wearing a black military jacket with golden buttons stands on a black and red background

Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 has been a long-time coming, and with each passing week we learn even more about The Chinese Room’s highly-anticipated vampiric adventure. With the anarchic Brujah already confirmed as the game’s first playable clan, the devs have confirmed that the blood-bending, spell-slinging Tremere are joining them on the roster.

Now, those of you who have kept up to date with my Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 coverage will know that I am a Malkavian at heart. However, when I replayed the original Bloodlines recently, I took the vampire game‘s mysterious witches out for a spin, locking in Tremere and causing absolute chaos.

So imagine my face when I learned that the kooky spooky blood (or, well, vitae) mages are returning to Bloodlines 2. Yes, if you’re not feeling the full-frontal melee of the Brujah, you’ll be able to tear your enemies apart from afar using your own blood as ammo.

While the reveal trailer is relatively short, we can see a Tremere version of player character Phyre take on a duo of enemies in what appears to be a neon-bathed, graffiti-ridden underground cavern. In the first clip, we see the player pull an enemy off of a nearby ledge, and in the second they use blood-based projectiles to take down another foe from afar.

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“As a Tremere in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2, you use your arcane powers to control your own Blood and that of your foes,” reads the official reveal blog post. “The playstyle is rewarding when keeping your distance in combat, making enemies scream in agony as you boil their blood, shaping your own vitae into projectiles, or even ripping the blood from their veins.”

Of the two known clans, Tremere is definitely more up my alley. While I loved getting up close and personal with foes in Sharkmob’s VTM-inspired battle royale game, Bloodhunt, the ranged playstyle is just a better fit for me. Hopefully, Phyre won’t be wearing that horrendous brown dress that the base female Tremere wears in the first game, though – I have a feeling that would negatively affect my relationships with the surrounding Kindred.

The Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 release date is pretty far off, though, so hopefully Phyre will have some time to pick up some new threads before then (although the ones on the blog post do look good). In the meantime, though, we also have a list of other great RPG games to play in the meantime.

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