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Bloodlines 2 will “make you feel like a predator of the night”

The Chinese Room and Paradox Interactive have just shared a new update on their highly anticipated upcoming RPG sequel, Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines 2.

Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 male figure smiling menacingly

Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 is an RPG game that I just cannot wait to play. I have so many fond memories of the original, and there are so few vampire-related games out there that don’t either disappoint in every way possible or just fall short of my expectations. Paradox Interactive recently revealed that The Chinese Room would be joining Bloodlines 2‘s development. The developer has taken over work on the upcoming game, releasing an update post showcasing some of the features we can expect to see.

The new post begins by describing the highly anticipated sequel, saying that, “Bloodlines 2 is designed with a balance of roleplaying game and adventure story.” The Chinese Room goes on to write how it is designing the game with a “compelling and rich plot you’d expect from an adventure game but with RPG agency allowing you to act out your vampire fantasy.”

Bloodlines 2 aims to abide by the “first game pillar” which is to make players “feel like a vampire.” The post specifies how “Everything you do in this game should make you feel like a predator of the night.” When it comes to gameplay, the dev wants to focus on a vampire’s experience as the creatures are “underrepresented, especially “as playable characters.”

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Rather than simply designing the RPG with “tropes,” the team “put in a rule that the non-combat gameplay should be about something only a vampire could do.” Something similar can be said for Bloodlines 2’s combat, as a vampire “should stalk its prey and strike fearlessly like a predator” rather than cower in fear before an enemy. The dev refers to combat as a vampire as “playing with your food.”

The Chinese Room hopes to offer a “confidence fantasy” rather than one of power, giving us a “supernatural edge and immortality” to back us as we play. As further detailed in the developer’s update post, Bloodlines 2 players “should be immersed in the feeling of being a vampire.”

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