This survival sandbox game is like steampunk Minecraft

Vintage Story is a unique survival sandbox game with elements of horror set in a Lovecraftian, steampunk-esque world inspired by Mojang's beloved Minecraft.

A Minecraft-like white and green block-y character sits atop a grey bench in a park

Vintage Story is a lovely little sandbox game inspired by the likes of Minecraft, and I can’t get enough of its voxel-perfect charm. The game, originally made as a mod for Minecraft, has been developed and published by indie creator Anego Studios. Vintage Story stands out as its own unique experience by drawing on elements of horror and Lovecraftian lore, along with real-world features that make its gameplay more immersive such as realistic weather patterns dependent on climate or the need to sustain yourself.

Anego Studios described Vintage Story as “uncompromising,” stating that it’s an eldritch horror-inspired game set within the unforgiving wilderness. As you play, you find yourself trying to survive that very world that has been reclaimed by nature and “permeated by unnerving temporal disturbances.” You can either experience the beginnings of humanity or choose to forge your own path, as Vintage Story is meant to be customizable so that you can experience the game “in infinite ways.”

Vintage Story simulates everything from seasons to soil fertility, localized weather patterns to realistic climate distributions, food spoilage to body temperature, animal husbandry to farming, daytime to nighttime, metallurgy to smithing, micro-block editing, and more. If you prefer a less frightening experience, fear not, for the game “offers multiple playstyles” for world generation. Choose a creative experience and build to your steampunk heart’s content.

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Ultimately, Anego Studios says the game’s goal is to “capture the beauty of the natural world and amplify the experience within our game.” In a time where Minecraft-like low-poly games such as BattleBit are rising in popularity, Vintage Story fits right in.

If you are interested in Vintage Story, you can buy it directly on the game’s official website here for a price starting at just $21. You can also buy family packs, server hosting bundles, or supporter add-ons. Play alone, or play with friends in multiplayer, with no DLC, loot boxes, or microtransactions.

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