Warframe will see the release of Gara Prime Access next week

You have until May 25 before Wukong Prime and his weapons are vaulted

Warframe's Gara Prime holds her distinctive hammer weapon

You have just under a week to collect relics with Wukong Prime before he heads into the Warframe vault and is replaced by Gara Prime, which enters Prime Access May 25. The Prime variant of the glass-armoured warframe is the 32nd warframe Prime warframe release, and she’s a classic – Gara first debuted in the space ninja MMO game in 2017. That means you’ve only got another week with Octavia Prime Access, and you’ll need to collect any outstanding relics with Wukong Prime before then too, since he’s headed for the vault.

Gara Prime is “a relic from the Orokin Era” and “will emerge with upgraded power and a purpose clear as crystal,” developer Digital Extremes explains. Gara Prime includes Prime weapons and special Prime customisation options as well.

The whole Gara Prime package includes the Catena Prime ephemera, Castellan Prime Kavat armour, a Sebella Prime gene-masking kit, 90-day resource and affinity boosters, and a bonus Kavat incubator upgrade segment and Kavat starter kit. As with all Prime warframes, Gara Prime features boosted stats and additional polarity slots that allow for extra mod customisation.

The base version of Gara remains available as a reward for completing the Saya’s Vigil quest, but if you have the choice, you’ll probably want to be using the Prime version when she becomes available.

With the rollout of Gara Prime comes the vaulting of Wukong Prime. Digital Extremes says to make sure to collect any relics you still need to get with his Prime items before May 25. You also just have until then to instantly upgrade to Octavia Prime’s signature Tenora Prime, Pandora Prime, and the rest of her arsenal.