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Warframe overtakes Counter-Strike 2 as Steam’s top-selling game

The creative director of Warframe has just revealed that the multiplayer shooter from Digital Extremes is the number one Steam best seller.

Waframe Steam best seller: A fully armored figure, Gauss, stands, his exterior gold and silver, the backdrop blurred behind him

Warframe is getting bigger and better than ever over a decade after its initial launch, now sitting as the top-selling game on Steam. That’s right, the multiplayer shooter has beat out the likes of Counter-Strike 2, the long-reigning king of Valve’s charts. After a multitude of award wins and expansion releases, Digital Extremes’ free-to-play game stands as a beloved icon, now with an impressive position on the Steam charts to back it up.

If you’ve been a part of the Warframe community recently, then you may already know how well the multiplayer game is doing. With a consistent stream of growth and a team of developers that acknowledges positive and negative feedback from players, Warframe has figured out its recipe for success. Rebecca Ford, the game’s creative director, is celebrating the results of said recipe as she reveals that “11 years in,” the development team has “reached a big milestone for Warframe.”

Creative director's post revealing that Warframe is the top-selling game on Steam

Following the well-received, incredibly well-written Gauss Prime Access trailer and the speedster’s subsequent shiny new gilded form, Waframe currently stands as “the top-selling global game on Steam.” Close behind the base game itself is the optional Gauss Prime Access purchase, sitting in seventh place on Steam‘s list of best-sellers from around the world. In Ford’s commemorative post, she describes how the achievement “means so much.”

In response, fans largely praise Digital Extremes and its ongoing work on Warframe. Some players discuss the Gauss Prime Access trailer and the intricacies of its character building, while others comment on the recent Warframe cross save window reopening excitedly. Many cite the studio’s steady updates as their reason for playing the game and sticking with it for so long, declaring that the milestone on Steam is “well-deserved.”

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With Warframe cross save functionality back and many a happy camper within the community, I wonder when Counter-Strike 2 will inevitably creep back into the top spot as Steam’s best-selling game. We’ve seen other entries overtake CS2 in the past, like New World, but it’s a rare occasion. Right now though, Warframe also has more concurrent Steam players than Valve’s other iconic shooter, Team Fortress 2.

It’s certainly a great time to be a Warframe fan. If you’re searching for another affordable fun experience to hop into now, you should browse through our roundup of the greatest free games available to download on PC right now. Alternatively, take a look at a few of these other exciting RPGs if your favorite feature from Warframe is getting to roleplay as an unstoppable, otherworldly warrior.

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