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Vermintide 2’s patch adds new features inspired by mods

The latest patch for Vermintide 2 adds in a big selection of new features and options, all inspired by mods created by the player community

Vermintide 2's elf warrior Kerillian shows off her new Wild Heath Warden premium cosmetic set, which includes an antlered helmet and leafy cloak.

Co-op game Vermintide 2 just got its big 4.6 update, which adds in some new modifiers for enemies, but also folds in a bunch of the Warhammer End Times game’s most popular mods. These run the gamut from a new emote wheel to easier ways to manage your inventory, and taken together, they’re a terrific refresh to the now four-year-old game.

There are a bunch of additional options and improvements to Vermintide 2’s UI/UX, including an option to reduce or remove camera sway during melee combat, which is great if the default setting makes you queasy or feels disorienting. You can opt to add more detail to the UI, with the precise values for health and remaining ammo displayed. Your crosshair can provide more information now, too, with options for an indication when you’ve killed an enemy or thrown out some friendly fire.

In addition to the standard social wheel, you can now pull up a second wheel for emote poses. Once cast, these will pull the camera back to a third-person point of view, so you’ll be able to get some great group shots with your team using this new option.

Back at base, you’ll now be able to manage careers other than the one you have active using the inventory screen. It’ll also let you see at a glance what each career has equipped, and even set priorities for the bot career types that fill up your party if you’re missing members.

The update includes other welcome changes, like making bots less likely to tumble over ledges, and reworking player respawns so you won’t have to be ‘rescued’ in an area the party can’t return to.

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Your enemies have gotten some new options, too, in the form of three all-new grudge marks. The Cursed Aura mark curses nearby players’ health, the Frenzy mark throws players into a health-draining frenzied mode, and the Warchief mark will periodically spawn elite units around the marked enemy to protect their leader.

Console players are in luck, too – most of these new improvements will be making their way to the PlayStation and Xbox versions of Vermintide 2 in April.