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Cold War RTS game Warno gets two new maps in today’s update

Mount River and Two Lakes join the map pool for Warno, which also has a new single-player version of its Death Row map in patch 6

An aerial view of WARNO's Mount River map shows off its three central lakes.

Early Access RTS game Warno has an update out today that adds two brand new maps to the map pool. Patch Six introduces Mount River and Two Lakes, as well as a new single-player mode for the Death Row map. The update also includes a welcome list of tweaks and fixes, so let’s get down to business.

Mount River is a new 3v3 map that developer Eugen Systems says is 83 square kilometres. Its varied terrain features plateaus, forests, and towns, but its central area is shaped by three lakes that create a series of defensible chokepoints. However, should one battlegroup gain a solid foothold there, the western corridor of the map is prime for flanking manoeuvres, so there’s no chance for anyone to get too complacent.

Two Lakes, on the other hand, is a narrower 2v2 map that features central fields surrounding two towns. Adjoining this is a U-shaped forest, which can allow a player to regain some of the initiative if their opponent swiftly captures the towns.

Patch 6 also includes a new version of Death Row that’s designed for single-player versus AI matches. This is a smaller version of Death Row, which dials up the intensity of each battle.

Some irritating bugs have been corrected, as well, including one that caused missiles to pass through their intended targets if they were fired at close range. You can no longer spawn helicopters in forests, which prevents the helicopters from permanently taking on the ‘furtivity’ bonus they’d gain from materialising in the woods. It’s not all bad news for the whirly-birds, though: bomber aircraft can no longer drop bombs on helicopters, which should help reduce pilot life insurance premiums.

The full list of patch notes is available on Steam. Eugen says the next major update, Davout, should arrive next week.