Wasteland devs have not one, but two “wonderful new RPGs” in the works

Perhaps a new isometric Fallout?

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Brian Fargo – CEO of Wasteland 3 developer InXile Entertainment – took to Twitter over the course of the weekend to confirm the studio is working on two “wonderful new RPGs”. He was responding to a fan who had contacted him via the social media platform, thanking him for Wasteland 3.

These two RPG games could be new entries in InXile’s impressive portfolio. It may be too soon for a new Wasteland game, since the last one came out this year and was “brilliantly bloody” according to our Wasteland 3 review. But a new Torment game or the fifth Bard’s Tale are not outside the realms of possibility.

Here’s the thing though: the timing of Brian Fargo’s tweets is rather intriguing. Both posts come days after Bethesda’s acquisition by Microsoft, just as people have begun to wonder about the future of Fallout. We don’t know the exact details of the deal that was made; perhaps Bethesda still wants to handle development of future Fallout games in-house. However, given the dev’s background with some of the original Fallout titles, perhaps one or both of these mystery RPGs could tie in to the long-running series in some way – after all, stranger things have happened in the past.

It’s worth noting, though, that this is far from confirmed at this point. However, while Fargo’s first tweet doesn’t say much outside of confirming the existence of two new projects, it’s the second tweet that’s really got fans wondering.

It’s worth noting the phrase ‘infancy of pre-production’, which at least hints the second of these mystery projects is in the works to some degree. But, beyond this, details are sparse. We recently discussed how it’d be cool if InXile made a new (isometric) Fallout game, but it’s not confirmed either of these titles will be something along those lines.

The important takeaway from this right now is that we know that InXile has two new RPGs in the works. This is good news for fans. We shall wait with bated breath for its official announcements.