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Watch Dogs Legion reviews - our roundup of the critics

Ubisoft's latest open world makes some bold new choices, but its limp story holds it back from greatness

Watch Dogs Legion arrives tomorrow, but the reviews are out today. So what do the critics think of Ubisoft’s latest open world game, one where you can inhabit any character walking along the streets of near-future London?

The general consensus seems to be that the procedurally-generated character approach works remarkably well in Watch Dogs Legion, even if the story doesn’t really keep pace. The ‘Play as Anyone‘ mechanic, however, produces some delightful moments, as Dustin describes in our Watch Dogs Legion review: “When you’re playing a character you like and finding new ways to outsmart the game, Legion feels so satisfying,” he writes. “It’s a series of Deus Ex levels chopped into bite-sized pieces, as each building you infiltrate presents a new puzzle and a chance to consider your exciting toolbox afresh.”

Like Dustin, VICE’s Austin Walker felt let down by the lack of narrative consequence in Watch Dogs Legion, and points out that its story of resistance to autocratic oppression feels overcome by events in 2020. “We know that change requires extended, public confrontation with the powers that be,” Walker writes in VICE’s unscored review. “Sabotaging a tank factory is a staple in Far Cry games, but it’s hard to believe it would slow down police militarization.”

Watch Dogs Legion currently has an aggregate score of 77 on Metacritic and a 75 on OpenCritic. Here are a selection of scored reviews:

That’s a wide range of scores, but critics generally seem to agree that Ubisoft Toronto’s big experiment with the hacking series actually works, and that playing as anyone in dystopian London is a good time.

Now’s a good time to double check the Watch Dogs Legion system requirements to make sure your PC is up to the challenge when the Watch Dogs Legion release date arrives tomorrow.