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Ubisoft wants to remind people that Watch Dogs is still more successful in Europe than Destiny

Watch Dogs sales

Publishers are a competitive bunch. Watch Dogs sold well, achieved mostly critical success and is now considered a major franchise by Ubisoft. And in May, the game became the fastest selling IP in both the UK and US. 

But recently, Activision came out with the claim that Destiny now held that title, beating Ubisoft and Watch Dogs’ record. The French publisher wasn’t going to take that sitting down, though. 

Ubisoft told MCV that, while Destiny might be the fastest selling IP in the UK and US, moody Aiden Pearce’s adventure still sold more in its launch week in Europe as a whole than Destiny.

“Congratulations to Activision and Bungie for taking the title in North America and the UK, but Watch Dogs is still going strong and we’re proud of everything that the Watch Dogs team has accomplished so far.“

It’s a wee bit passive aggressive, right? And it’s worth noting that Destiny was a console only release – though Destiny could have learned things from PC games – while Watch Dogs was properly multiplatform.

With the Bad Blood DLC launching, no doubt Ubisoft is keen to remind people that it’s still a big deal.

Cheers, MCV.