Windows 11 third-party widgets are coming this year

Microsoft has announced that Windows 11 third-part widget support is coming, and developers will be able to enhance apps with the feature later this year

Windows 11 widgets on desktop backdrop

Windows 11 is getting third-party widgets, and Microsoft says they’ll use the operating system’s Adaptive Cards platform. The added support will enable developers to enhance app functionality, allowing users to interact with programs even when they’re closed.

Microsoft announced its Windows 11 widget plans at its Build 2022 developer conference, with the company touching on why the extra app functionality is important. Microsoft’s head of devices and Windows, Panos Panay, states that the tech giant is “energized by the customer feedback on Widgets to date,” while revealing developers will be able to build “companion experiences for your Win32 and PWA apps” later this year.

At the moment, the Windows 11 widget library is limited, as it only covers first-party apps like Outlook and Edge. We now know third-party support is coming, but Microsoft hasn’t given us a specific date for our diaries. With any luck, we’ll start to see tools that help enhance our gaming PC experience, as running widgets instead of full-blown apps could help us boost fps while playing games.

Enhanced widget support might give more users a reason to install windows 11, and the OS continues to get more exclusive features. Not only does the operating system boast auto-HDR and DirectStorage, but it’s also set to get a new Xbox controller bar. Microsoft says more people are making the jump from Windows 10 than ever, but we’ll need to wait and see how quickly it really catches on.