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Wo Long Fallen Dynasty bugs disrupt launch as Team Ninja investigates

Team Ninja investigates Wo Long Fallen Dynasty bug reports following the Three Kingdoms RPG's launch, which has mixed Steam reviews as players face problems.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty - Hong Jing holds an ofuda parchment in her mouth, hair falling across her face

As players run into Wo Long Fallen Dynasty bugs, glitches, and crashes following the game’s launch on PC, Team Ninja says it is actively investigating the reports, and is preparing a patch to release soon. The fantasy RPG game based on the Romance of the Three Kingdoms is out now on Steam and PC Game Pass, but it’s faced a mixed reception as players seem to be largely enjoying the game – if they can play it.

Currently, the Wo Long Steam page sits at a ‘mostly negative’ review score, with just 32% of the 2,800 user reviews listed as positive. Of course, given that the game has just been released, it’s important to note that most players who have been able to actually play the game worry-free will likely be doing so rather than writing reviews, so there will naturally be somewhat of a bias towards reviews from players who have run into launch problems.

As for the nature of the concerns, players state performance issues including stutters and frame rate drops, with certain setups struggling to handle the game’s volumetric fog in particular. There are also reports of black screens during cutscenes or when joining co-op lobbies, occasions where no sound is being heard while playing on certain sound cards, and some players are experiencing straight-up game crashes.

In addition to this, people are also expressing frustration with the camera controls while playing on keyboard and mouse. The camera movement feels very awkward on a mouse, and is in fact completely unresponsive when moving the mouse at slower speeds. The controller support seems well-implemented, so that may be a suitable interim solution for some, but for those who prefer to play on keyboard and mouse you may want to wait.

Thankfully, Team Ninja has already responded to these concerns. It says, “We are investigating and addressing the various bug reports that we have received and are preparing to release a patch soon that will improve camera operation when using a mouse, as well as address other issues.” It also thanks players for their support, and offers an apology to those affected “for the inconvenience caused by the current problems being experienced.”

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty - a character with long, dark hair looks surprised, as Hong Jing looks on from behind her

In the meantime, it directs players who are dealing with black screen issues and a lack of sound to try the methods listed in its troubleshooting FAQ. These include installing a VP9 codec from the Microsoft Store, updating your graphics drivers, and enabling ‘direct mode’ for Sound Blaster cards from their settings screen.

Personally I’ve been having a great experience, with the game running well on max settings with only minimal occasional frame rate drops that tend to occur when transitioning between areas rather than during fights. It’s worth noting that I’m playing the Microsoft Store version through PC Game Pass, rather than on Steam. I’m also using a controller – although when I briefly tested the mouse controls, I could immediately see why players were unsatisfied. Hopefully these fixes arrive sooner rather than later, then.

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