Soviet city-building game raises $28K through Help for Ukraine DLC

Workers and Resources: Soviet Republic's Help for Ukraine DLC raised $28,000 USD in May and June, and the devs are now working on adding garbage trucks

Workers and Resources Soviet Republic Ukraine fundraising: Garbage trucks parked outside a large apartment building and a statue of Lenin

The Slovakian development team behind the Soviet-themed city builder Workers and Resources: Soviet Republic says it’s raised about $28,000 USD so far through its Help for Ukraine DLC package, which it launched May 16 in response to the Russian Federation’s invasion. The developers say they are sending the proceeds to the Ukrainian Red Cross.

The DLC includes contributions from several community modders, and adds distinctive Ukrainian buildings and vehicles to Workers and Resources. Buildings include the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant and Okean supermarket, and the vehicles include the K-1 tram and An70 cargo plane. There’s also a special Voronovytsia landscape included.

The DLC is still available on Steam for $9.99 USD / £7.19 GBP, and 3Division says all proceeds will continue to be donated to the Red Cross in Ukraine. Meanwhile, following a summer break, the team is back to work on the plumbing and waste management systems. The latest post on the official site includes a shot of some of the new garbage trucks that will be arriving alongside the update.

As with everything in Workers and Resources, waste management is going to be a complex system of systems, and you’ll have various kinds of trash to sort through and potentially use. Some of it will be able to be burned as fuel, while others can be recycled into various other industrial processes. The different industries will all produce their own unique types of garbage, and you’ll even have to determine what happens to the remnants of destroyed buildings.

3Division says it’s hoping to have this update ready for public testing by the end of August.