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World of Warcraft’s 7.3 update broke nude mods and the community is in meltdown

world of warcraft wow 7.3 nude mods

World of Warcraft is a game featuring people. Human people, elf people, bull people, werewolf people, and lots more. As is internet law for grouping of humanoid creatures in a game, some players want to see them have sex. Or just naked. Or in any combination of sexually provocative situations.

Here are some games with nudity – no mods required!

WoW players have had that option for a very long time, running everywhere from full nude mods to new loading screens like the one above (which is about as tasteful an example as I could find), and Blizzard has largely turned a blind eye toward modification for most of the game’s lifespan. Certain mods function purely as add-ons, still totally within Blizzard’s default allowances. But skins and models – usually the basis for most sexy mods – require the .exe to be disassembled, the relevant file edited, and the final executable to be recompiled. With the 7.3 update, that’s no longer an option.

In an effort to combat botters, Blizzard have locked down WoW’s executable. This has had the side-effect of totally shutting down model changes, including those of a lascivious nature.

There are two things particularly worth noting. First, these mods have no effect on other players, and are only visible to the people who’ve installed them. That means you’re not in any danger of having Tauren dongs forced upon you. Second, any sort of game client modification is very specifically against Blizzard’s terms of service, even if they’ve taken no specific action against it until now. And even then, it seems that these mods are more a casualty than a target of the update.

I’ll refrain from linking to the site spawning these complaints for fear of blowing up their spot or adding fuel to an already-raging internet drama fire, but you can catch a taste of the proceedings from a disgruntled post to the official Battle.net forums. (And if you’re looking for sexy Warcraft business, you know how to use Google.)

Any game on PC is going to be subject to all sorts of nude mods and other sexy additions, and the ‘adults only’ tag on various Nexus derivatives is always well-populated. But the conversation shifts when it comes to modding online games, and doors to skin modding also leave cheaters with an avenue to ply their craft as well. Blizzard in particular appear to have a penchant for designing characters people want to get it on with, even if the developers seem pretty perturbed by the phenomenon.