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Tower of Fantasy login queue compensation given to players

Tower of Fantasy login queues mar the release of the anime RPG game, Hotta Studio sends compensation to players and says launch issues and disconnects are fixed

Tower of Fantasy login issues - Samir, a lady with long blonde hair and a red cross on her forearm, holding a pistol

The Tower of Fantasy release date is here and players are diving onto the anime game in droves, causing a range of launch issues including lengthy login queues and disconnects. However, developer Hotta Studio says that it is on top of things and that most major issues are already resolved, so you should be able to download Tower of Fantasy on PC and play without trouble again – and it has already sent out compensation to players of the RPG game as thanks for their patience.

Drawing attention for its Genshin Impact-like presentation, Tower of Fantasy has garnered a large following already. The game hopes to stand out from its competitors with its in-depth custom character creator that allows players to make the anime protagonists of their dreams – even if those just end up being Genshin Impact characters.

This popularity led to reports of all servers quickly becoming full, with players eager to play being given queue times of over 20 hours to get in. Thankfully, developer Hotta Studio says that “at present, the problems relating to queuing, disconnection, and inability to register and login have all been fixed.” It also adds that any other issues raised will be fixed in the coming days. We can confirm that we were able to successfully register an account, create a character, and play without issue – even on a server reporting queues.

Hotta Studio also confirms that items are being sent out as compensation to “all Wanderers who registered by August 11 at 23:59 GMT (UTC+0)” – this includes 300 dark crystals for the server disconnection and queue issues, and 300 dark crystals for failed account registration and login issues. These can be claimed from your in-game mailbox, and should arrive within 24 hours of the announcement, but will only be available for 14 days.

In addition, all Wanderers registered before midnight GMT (UTC+0) on August 17 will receive 10 gold nucleus items as thanks for the game reaching “the top of the free games charts in 22 countries before the global version of Tower of Fantasy was launched.”

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