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Wuthering Waves reroll guide

Here’s how to perform a Wuthering Waves reroll and whether it’s worth the effort to get new characters in Kuro Games’ free-to-play RPG.

Key art of Calcharo in Wuthering Waves

How do you reroll in Wuthering Waves? As Kuro Game’s new free-to-play RPG, Wuthering Waves is more than just a competitor to Genshin Impact & Honkai: Star Rail in look and gameplay style.

Alongside Wuthering Waves codes to redeem for rewards and a plethora of Wuthering Waves characters to enjoy, there are classic gacha mechanics like rerolls too. With that, gacha games fans will surely want to know both how to pull off a Wuthering Waves reroll and whether the process is even worth it. Thankfully, we’ve laid out both answers to make the start of your WW experience as straightforward as possible.

Key art of the cast of Wuthering Waves characters

How to reroll in Wuthering Waves

To execute a Wuthering Waves reroll, you’ll need to start a new game using a new account, complete the tutorial, and progress through the story to unlock the summon system.

Here’s the exact steps you need to follow in Wuthering Waves to start rerolling:

  • Create & log in with a new account with an alternate email
  • Wake up to meet Yangyang & Chixia
  • Meet Baizhiu
  • Defeat the Crownless boss
  • Head to Jinzhou, also meeting Chixia & Sanhua
  • Talk to Mortefi at Huaxu Academy
  • You’ll perform your tutorial pull and get Baizi
  • You can now use your initial pulls to start rerolling

With access to your mail now open, you can claim 20 Lustrous Tides as a bonus reward if you pre-registered for the game to use at the Novice Convene, Permanent Weapon Convene, or Permanent Character Convene banners.

We’d personally recommend going for the Character Permanent Convene banner to make the most of your Wuthering Waves rerolls, since that gives you the best chance of pulling a higher-tier character.

To make the most out of this method though, you’ll need to set up a new account with a different email for each attempt to start another Wuthering Waves playthrough.

Are Wuthering Waves rerolls worth it?

No, the process to reroll in Wuthering Waves isn’t worth it because you not only need to create dummy accounts, but you’ll also need to spend 30 to 45 minutes playing through the tutorial with each attempt.

Of course, feel free to give it a try if you’ve got a particular rare 5-star character like Encore or Verina in mind, but it might take you hours or even all day over just a handful of rerolls.

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