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Zenless Zone Zero events – all current and upcoming events

Here are all the latest Zenless Zone Zero events lined up, what they entail, and their duration, so you can decide if they’re worth your time.

Zenless Zone Zero events: Nekomata smiles widely, her eyes squeezed shut as tears of gratitude pour down her face.

What are the Zenless Zone Zero events? HoYoverse’s latest live service gacha game has plenty of content to keep you occupied, whether that’s charging through the twists and turns of the main storyline or picking up side commissions. If you’re looking for a change of pace that can net you additional rewards, then look no further than the latest events.

While there are no current ZZZ events since the game is not live right now, we’ve got a rundown of those that took place during the most recent Zenless Zone Zero beta to set you up for future network tests and, eventually, the ZZZ release date. Just like Zenless Zone Zero banners, events are only available for a limited time, so, when they’re around, be sure to complete them in a timely manner and reap all the rewards the free PC game has to offer.

Current Zenless Zone Zero events

Since the second Zenless Zone Zero closed network test has now ended, there are currently no playable ZZZ events at this time. Another beta test is due to take place soon, with sign ups live now.

Previous ZZZ events

Here are some of the events that took place during the last ZZZ beta to give you an idea of what sort of thing to expect from Zenless Zone Zero events in the future.

The daily check-in event in Zenless Zone Zero, otherwise known as New City Visitor's Passport.

New City Visitor’s Passport

New City Visitor’s Passport is a daily check-in event that automatically bestows free gacha currency for Zenless Zone Zero banners every time you log in. You can expect to receive nine Encrypted Master Tapes in total: one for the first six days you log in, and a further three on the seventh and final day.

The road map of content to unlock as part of the Rookie on the Road Zenless Zone Zero event.

Rookie on the Road

Rookie on the Road is an event that grants automatic rewards to new players as they progress through the early content in the anime game. These rewards are largely tied to the Proxy Primer, located under the Inter-Knot tab in the main menu, which also bestows rewards for milestone achievements in the early game.

The Rookie on the Road event objectives and rewards are:

  • Complete Proxy Primer No. 2: A-Rank Agent Profile: Nicole (Ether)
  • Complete Proxy Primer No. 4: A-Rank W-Engine The Vault
  • Complete Chapter 2 and “Call Ben Bigger”: A-Rank Agent Ben Bigger (Fire)
  • Complete Proxy Primer No. 6: A-Rank W-Engine Demara Battery Mark II

Mr. Hello's Savior, a Zenless Zone Zero event featuring the eponymous Bangboo.

Mr. Hello’s Savior

Mr. Hello’s Savior is – you! This monocled and mustached Bangboo is located directly opposite the video store on Sixth Street, and he needs your help. Once you reach level 15, complete the missions allotted to receive Zenless Zone Zero Film and HIA Commemorative Marbles. You can then exchange the latter for character skill level-up materials, Bangboo level-up materials, and currency.

The interior of Coff Cafe, the location of the Coffee Sorcery Rally Commission Zenless Zone Zero event.

Coffee Sorcery: Rally Commission

To participate in the Coffee Sorcery event, you must have unlocked Rally Commissions by completing the Chapter One Cat’s Lost & Found quest.  You must have also completed the Lost Coffee Beans commission to unlock Coff Cafe.

Having done these, simply drinking one coffee each day during the event unlocks double rewards for Rally Commissions. Coffee consumption resets at 4am local time every day, and the double rewards applies to up to two Rally Commissions for each day of the event.

Of course, Zenless Zone Zero events are just one way of accruing rare items and level-up materials. You can also skip the legwork with the Zenless Zone Zero codes, which typically include the gacha currency to pull new Zenless Zone Zero characters. If you’re yet to make the streets of New Eridu your own, sit tight with the best RPGs until Zenless Zone Zero arrives.