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XDefiant, Ubisoft’s F2P arena shooter, finally launches this month

After numerous delays, Ubisoft's free-to-play arena shooter XDefiant is ready to start up its preseason, which launches later in May.

Following a series of somewhat worrisome delays, XDefiant is finally ready for prime-time. Ubisoft has announced that its free-to-play arena shooter that draws its maps and factions from across the company’s catalog of games and franchises, will begin its pre-season this month. The XDefiant release date is set for May 21.

XDefiant is a competitive FPS game that allows players to jump in as a member of various factions drawn from Ubisoft’s many game worlds. At launch, those will include Echelon (featured in Splinter Cell), Phantoms (Ghost Recon), Cleaners (The Division), Libertad (Far Cry 6), and Deadsec (the hacker group from Watch Dogs, which can be unlocked or purchased).

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The factions in XDefiant function as classes, each with their own special themes and ultimate abilities. A team can include players from any faction, and you can change your faction and weapon loadout as you see fit.

Speaking of weapons, there are 24 to choose from, as well as a range of 44 attachments to add to them. XDefiant will launch with five game modes as well, which include domination, hot shot, occupy, escort, and zone control.

The pre-season is scheduled to run for six weeks, after which XDefiant will start up its seasonal calendar. Over the course of its first year of seasonal play, Ubisoft plans to add four more factions, 12 weapons, and 12 more maps to XDefiant.

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