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How to get Zenless Zone Zero Film

Zenless Zone Zero Film is one of the multiple in-game currencies you need to unlock Agents, so here’s how to stock up on this source of cash for free.

Zenless Zone Zero film: Nekomata lies down on the roof of a car, waving her legs in the air.

How do you get Zenless Zone Zero Film? Hoyoverse’s upcoming anime gacha title is currently available in its beta phase, giving fans a quick glimpse of the game before it launches. Zenless Zone Zero introduces a form of in-game currency called Film, which can be used to purchase characters, skills, and other valuable items.

Zenless Zone Zero film is a premium currency that can then be converted into Master Tapes. Master Tapes are used on ZZZ banners to try and unlock new characters, Bangboos, and W-Engines. You need plenty of ZZZ Film to get the best Zenless Zone Zero characters, so here’s how to farm more for free.

20 Zenless Zone Zero film obtained from a Scratch Card.

How to farm ZZZ Film

The best ways of obtaining Zenless Zone Zero Film are:

  • Commissions
  • Proxy Primers
  • Video Collection
  • Events
  • Howl’s News Stand


Most Commissions award Film, so you can earn plenty by simply working through the story. Be sure to complete side quests as these in-game missions also award Film.

Three Proxy Primer rewards, including Zenless Zone Zero Film.

Proxy Primers

Proxy Primers are collection challenges available through the Inter-Knot. Each Proxy Primer contains set challenges, such as reaching a specific Inter-Knot level, leveling up an Agent, or even just playing a game at the Arcade. You must reach a certain Proxy Primer level to unlock specific ZZZ events, and it’s worth your time to complete them for the rewards alone. The Proxy Primer challenges award the likes of Dennies and XP, while completing each full Proxy Primer awards Film, ZZZ Disk Drives, and even Master Tapes.

Video Collection

The Video Collection not only allows you to rewatch cutscenes, but it also gives you the chance to retry each crucial combat engagement. A perfect three-star result grants you rewards that you can redeem by entering the Commission Log inside the video store office.


Zenless Zone Zero events change all the time, and you can see what’s going on from the main menu. Events might include anything from daily login rewards to full-blown story expansions, but you’ll find that most award Film among other useful items and currencies.

Howl's News Stand where you can collect Zenless Zone Zero film from the daily scratch card.

Howl’s News Stand

Finally, be sure to visit Howl’s News Stand each day and you might just win some Film from the Lucky Scratch Card. Simply walk out onto Sixth Street and cross the road to locate the dog-owned newsstand.

Hopefully, you should have no shortage of free Zenless Zone Zero Film now, thanks to the overwhelming amount awarded by simply playing the anime game. Other items you need to collect in Zenless Zone Zero include ZZZ W-Engines and adorable ZZZ Bangboos, both of which can be unlocked with Film.