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Zenless Zone Zero banners - next, current, and 1.0 banners

Our Zenless Zone Zero banner schedule includes the characters on the current and next banners, so you can decide who to pull in the beta and beyond.

Zenless Zone Zero banners: Anby stands with her hand outstretched towards the viewer, Nicole and Billy visible over either shoulder.

What are the Zenless Zone Zero banners? If you’re looking to expand your roster of playable agents, then wishing on banners should be your first port of call. These gacha machines form the basis of developer HoYoverse’s monetization strategy, and they should be instantly familiar to anyone who’s dipped into Genshin Impact or Honkai Star Rail.

Zenless Zone Zero includes an event banner and a standard banner which offer you the chance to pull Zenless Zone Zero characters, W-Engines, and Bangboos. These banners rotate regularly, so it’s important to think strategically about whether to spend your currency on the current banner, or hold off until the next one. The current ZZZ banners are sourced from our own experience in the Zenless Zone Zero beta, and given what we know about HoYoverse’s gacha-driven RPGs, we expect that these will continue into the Zenless Zone Zero release date. Here’s all the latest on Zenless Zone Zero banners.

Zenless Zone Zero 1.0 banners

The first phase of Zenless Zone Zero 1.0 banners is highly likely to be a repeat of ‘Mellow Waveride’, the current event banner that appears in the beta.

You are guaranteed an A-Rank or higher for every ten pulls on any Zenless Zone Zero banner, with a guaranteed S-Rank every 90 pulls. It’s also worth bearing in mind that banners also include W-Engines and Bangboos, so your high-grade pulls aren’t always going to be characters.

The current event banner in Zenless Zone Zero.

Current Zenless Zone Zero event banner

The current Zenless Zone Zero event banner is ‘Mellow Waveride’ featuring the limited S-rank character Ellen (Ice). It also includes increased drop rates for A-Rank characters Corin (Physical) and Ben (Fire). This banner runs until Sunday, December 24, 2023, or until the beta ends.

The Zenless Zone Zero event banner, otherwise known as the Exclusive Channel, offers players the chance to pull exclusive S-Rank characters that don’t appear in the standard banner’s character pool for a limited time. Given their rarity, these characters are typically the strongest in the anime game.

Whenever you pull an S-Rank from an event banner, there is a 50/50 chance that it’ll be the featured character. If you lose that 50/50, the next S-Rank you pull is guaranteed to be that character. Event banners also include increased drop rates for an additional two A-Rank characters – so if you have your heart set on pulling a particular character, it’s worth waiting until their corresponding event banner rolls around.

Broadly speaking, you should always prioritize the event banner over the standard banner, to increase the odds that you pull the character you want.

The current standard banner in Zenless Zone Zero.

Zenless Zone Zero standard banner

The Zenless Zone Zero standard banner is ‘Star-Studded Cast’. Otherwise known as the Stable Channel, it is a permanent banner that offers players the chance to pull from the standard pool of agents, W-Engines, and Bangboos, though it includes no increased drop rates.

This banner also comes with a number of welcome bonuses, and we highly recommend new players take advantage of it. The standard banner includes a 20% discount on the first five ten-pulls, and the first S-Rank you pull is guaranteed to be a character. You are also guaranteed an S-Rank character after your first 50 pulls. Once these bonuses have been obtained, the odds of the standard banner revert to normal.

Now that you’re up to speed on the current and next Zenless Zone Zero banners, you can get a head-start in the free PC game with active Zenless Zone Zero codes. You can also accrue more gacha currency by taking part in the latest Zenless Zone Zero events. Alternatively, check out if a Zenless Zone Zero Steam version is in the pipeline if you can’t tear yourself away from Valve’s platform.