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The Zenless Zone Zero launch date might have leaked, but beware

It looks like the Zenless Zone Zero launch date may just have leaked on the App store, but there's a catch that you should keep in mind.

2024's most exciting anime game may just have a launch date, but there's a catch: A silver haired anime girl wearing a jumpsuit with long green gloves bends down towards the camera, ready for battle

It’s coming: the Zenless Zone Zero launch date has leaked, and if it’s correct, then we’ll be able to dive into HoYoverse’s cyberpunk anime adventure in just a few months time. There is a catch, though, and it’s worth keeping in mind before you book entire weeks off of your work to play it (that’s definitely not what I did this morning, nu-uh).

According to Apple’s App Store (the anime game is planned for both a PC and mobile launch, after all), the Zenless Zone Zero release date is set for Wednesday July 3. That’s just a few short months away.

However, before you get too excited, it’s worth noting that in order to list anything for pre-registration on the App Store, you seemingly need to provide rough a release date. Therefore, this may just be a placeholder. In our combined experience (or, well, our site editor Cameron’s experience) we’ve seen this happen before, so while July 3 does feel perfectly plausible, we may see the Zenless Zone Zero launch sometime that week, as opposed to on that specific day. 

An image of Zenless Zone Zero on the App Store, revealing the release date

Perhaps coincidentally (or perhaps not), HoYoverse has also opened pre-registrations for the game, meaning you can earn some sweet rewards ahead of launch.

If previous games are anything to go by, as more and more players sign up, the better the rewards get – so why not add your name to the pile? After all, there’ll be a whole slew of Zenless Zone Zero events to drop all of those Master Tapes on.

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Speaking of which, we have a list of all of the current Zenless Zone Zero codes to help you score some more of that sweet, sweet film. Or, if you’re still whiling away the hours exploring Teyvat, we have a rundown of all of the active Genshin Impact codes, too.

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