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AUT codes June 2024

Here are all the active A Universal Time codes for free skin crates and much more in this action-packed, anime-themed Roblox megahit.

AUT codes: A glowing-eyed, smoke-like character from A Universal Time on Roblox.

June 14, 2024: A stack of new AUT codes dropped.

What are the new AUT codes? If you’re trying to get ahead of the competition in A Universal Time, we’ve collated all the latest codes for free skin crates. We’ll also run you through exactly how to redeem all the active A Universal Time codes and where you can find more for the action-packed, anime-themed hit.

A Universal Time has been around for a while, but it’s erupted in popularity recently following a major update. If you’re searching high and low for further Roblox freebies, we also keep regularly updated lists of Blox Fruits codes, Project Slayers codes, and even Anime Adventures codes. Now, let’s run through all the A Universal Time codes and the rewards they’ll net you.

New AUT codes

Here are all active A Universal Time codes:

  • 10KI10KFOLLOWS – Ten skin crates (NEW)
  • BYEE10KFOLLOWS –  – Ten skin crates (NEW)
  • THXFORSHUTDOWNNUB – Five skin crates (NEW)
  • AUNIVERSALSUMMER – 90 event points (NEW)
  • THXFOR700K! – 70k UShards and 70k UCoins (NEW)
  • THXFORFOLLOWINGME  – Ten skin crates (NEW)

Expired codes

  • NewStandsWoo
  • GrindNeverStops
  • Grindfest
  • PhantomBlood
  • BattleTendency
  • Ascension
  • Reaper
  • 1MillionMembers
  • PuddestApologyVideo
  • melon
  • BonRestorePack
  • BonRestorePack2
  • AsgoreFanClub

A screenshot of the AUT codes redemption system.

How do I redeem AUT codes?

Here’s how to redeem A Universal Time codes:

  • Start up the game from its official Roblox page.
  • Join a match.
  • Click or tap on the two horizontal lines at the bottom left of the screen.
  • Copy and paste a code from our list into the ‘Enter code’ box and hit the ‘Redeem’ button.
  • Your rewards will then automatically unlock.

Note that you have to be a member of the correct Roblox group to redeem certain AUT codes.

What are AUT codes?

A Universal Time codes are your standard Roblox freebie codes that, in this case, grant you skin crates for the low price of nothing. We expect future AUT codes to serve up different types of rewards, but we’ll just have to wait for confirmation on that one for now.

How do I get more AUT codes?

With A Universal Time currently blowing up in popularity following a major update, you can be sure that more AUT codes will arrive in due time, likely to celebrate specific milestones, such as the game hitting a certain number of likes or players. While your best bet is to check back on this page regularly to catch new A Universal Time codes as soon as they arrive, you can alternatively do the detective work yourself by joining the game’s official Discord server.

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