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How to get more AFK Journey Diamonds and Gold

Once you know how to farm these essential AFK Journey currencies, you'll be well on your way to crafting (and keeping) top-performing teams.

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How do you get Diamonds and Gold in AFK Journey? These are two of the most essential resources in the game, both more or less acting as a form of currency for various features. Without Diamonds, you’ll struggle to get the unit dupes needed to stay competitive, and without Gold, you’ll struggle to upgrade even those that you do ascend.

Assuming you’re just getting started with AFK Journey, you’ll want to check out the AFK Journey tier list to ensure the units you’re upgrading are worth the time and effort. The AFK Journey reroll guide can help you get the best, and the AFK Journey codes can help in the long term as well.

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How to get more Diamonds and Gold in AFK Journey

Once the initial surge of resources starts to dry up in AFK Journey, you’ll be left fighting for more like your life depends on it. Without Gold to level up your characters and their traits or Diamonds to pull for new units and dupes to upgrade them, you’ll struggle as you progress through the game.

New updates and the inevitable encroaching power creep will hold you back, making a way to effectively (and efficiently) farm these basic resources and essential knowledge to keep you from depending on your wallet.

Here’s how to get more Diamonds in AFK Journey:
  • Remember to check for new codes.
  • Work on the story to unlock chests – go back to low-level hard mode if you’re stuck.
  • Take part in the Dream Realm boss battles with a guild.
  • Make an effort with PVP modes like Arena.

Beyond time-limited codes, the best way to earn Diamonds, ironically, is to keep up with the game. The more you play, the more Diamonds you’ll start to earn over time.

Competing in limited-time events like PVP seasons is typically the best approach. Of course, just chugging along with any new content will dish out smaller amounts of Diamonds as well, but powering through a PVP season as best you can will see more and more Diamonds come your way at the end depending on your progress.

There’s rarely a downside to joining in with PVP. Taking on the rotating bosses of the Dream Realm in a guild can help massively as well. For either of these two methods, you’ll want to check out the best AFK Journey team comps to stand the best chance of performing well. Simply put, the more time you put in, the more Diamonds you’ll get out.

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Here are some tips for how to get a steady supply of Gold in AFK Journey:

  • Work through the story to find chests.
  • Redeem codes.
  • Claim your AFK rewards more frequently.
  • Take part in limited-time events like the Primal Lord battle.
  • Make time for the PVP Arena.
  • Join a guild for Dream Realm rewards.

Gold comes from all sorts of avenues in AFK Journey. Pushing ahead with the story is always one of the best ways to grind more gold, but taking part in time-limited events can fill your coffers. It pays to log in.

Even if you’re just doing simple daily requests that take maybe five minutes of your time every day, you’ll notice the difference if you don’t. The AFK feature at the heart of the game makes sense here. Claim them as they cap out and you’ll rarely be strapped for cash.

Of course, most of the methods for grinding Diamonds apply to earning Gold in AFK Journey as well. Taking part in seasonal events, PVP leagues, and banding together to pitch in with the war effort of the Dream Realm should see you supplied with a generous helping of Gold in AFK Journey with little effort.

Sometimes it’s just a case of being patient. If you can’t afford an upgrade right this moment, just work on activities you can comfortably clear: you’ll reap the rewards over time.

There’s rarely a point to squeezing in one more expensive upgrade thinking it’ll get you over the next hurdle. Simply swapping out one unit or reconsidering your formation can be all it takes. Don’t spend valuable Gold unless you’ve exhausted every other option.

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