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How to open the Alan Wake 2 gift shop safe

Here is how you access the Alan Wake 2 gift shop by bypassing the padlock on the door and how to open the safe inside by using the correct passcode.

Alan Wake 2 gift shop safe: a render of Saga Anderson,, who is a black woman wearing a coat and a knitted sweater, with a white plaster on her eyebrow.

How do you unlock the Alan Wake 2 gift shop safe? Two concurrent stories are running throughout Alan Wake 2, both based on two books in Alan’s trilogy of Alex Casey novels. One is based on the second playable protagonist, Saga, and it’s the third chapter of Return that takes us to the Coffee World amusement park. As you explore this area, you’ll likely find the gift shop is sealed away.

Unlocking the Alan Wake 2 gift shop safe will be a bit of a challenge. This is because, to get inside, you’re not looking for a key but a different type of item to help you get inside. After that, you’re presented with one of Alan Wake 2 ‘s many puzzles, something praised as a highlight in the Alan Wake 2 review. Solving it is necessary for progressing through the story, but other puzzles can be solved to unlock Alan Wake 2 weapon upgrades or Alan Wake 2 word of power upgrades.

Alan Wake 2 gift shop safe: Saga is shining her flashlight on a sign for a ride called The Percolator. The ride is lit up and spinning behind the sign.

How to access the Alan Wake 2 gift shop

To access the Alan Wake 2 gift shop, you will first find it in the Coffee World amusement park in Return Chapter 3 – Local Girl. You can find the Fresh Pot Gift Shop before the Slow Roaster in the north of the park’s grounds, and the door will have a note saying that the lock is jammed and needs a screwdriver to force it open.

Luckily, the nearest screwdriver isn’t far away. Head further south and in the direction of The Percolator. As you enter, you’ll see a Taken hiding in the middle coffee cup, throwing axes at you, and a second one on the ramp alongside the spinning cups. After beating them, take the screwdriver from the top of the control unit and head back to the gift shop, beating the Taken that block your path. Use the screwdriver to get inside the gift shop.

A bulletin board with news of the week, as well as nine photos of team members and their roles, which are needed to unlock the Alan Wake 2 gift shop safe.

How to unlock the Alan Wake 2 gift shop safe

Among the other loot you may find in the Alan Wake 2 gift shop, you’ll find a safe hidden behind the donut counter. On top of it is a note, and you want to pay attention to the text written in blue ink. “Calm down, this one’s easy. Tracker, Lookout, Cleaner. See? Not rocket science!” Go to the board with staff member photos and examine it.

To decipher the code, the staff member at the top left is “1”, while the staff member on the bottom right is “9”. This is the same numerical layout as shown on the keypad. At the bottom of each photo is a role description, though they’re synonyms of the jobs in the clue.

The solution is that Susan (Lost and Found) is the Tracker, Joonas (Security) is the Lookout, and Victor (Janitor) is the cleaner. This means the code to the Alan Wake 2 gift shop safe is 146.

You should now have opened the Alan Wake 2 gift shop safe and retrieved the trailer park key inside. While you’re here, you may find other handy guides for unlocking some vital weapons. So make sure you check out our Alan Wake 2 rifle location, Alan Wake 2 shotgun location, and Alan Wake 2 crossbow location for all your Taken-purging needs.