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AMD teases Zen 4 Ryzen 7000 CPU running at 5.5GHz

Zen 4 processors will be available to buy for your gaming PC this Fall, with AMD promising boost clocks of up to 5.5GHz and support for PCIe 5.0 and DDR5 RAM

AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su stands on stage with a Zen 4 Ryzen 7000 CPU render on her left, followed by slide details above and to the right of her

During its Computex keynote earlier today, AMD gave us a further glimpse at its upcoming Ryzen 7000 CPUs built on its newest Zen 4 microarchitecture. While the company didn’t reveal anything about SKUs or pricing, it did provide further details on the specs of its upcoming chips and even showcased a pre-production unit running gaming and production applications.

Speaking about the design of Zen 4, AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su revealed that Ryzen 7000 CPUs will consist of two chiplets, each of which features up to eight cores for a total of 16 across the processor. A dedicated I/O die is also a part of the package, enabling support for PCIe 5.0 and DDR5 gaming RAM, in addition to RDNA 2 integrated graphics.

Not content to let specs speak for themselves, Su concluded the presentation with game capture of Ghostwire: Tokyo running on a pre-production 16-core Ryzen 7000 processor. The chip turbos up to 5.5GHz, which is not only the fastest clock speed seen on a team red processor, but also matches the best gaming CPU on the market, the Intel Core i9-12900KS.

As you might expect, Zen 4 is no slouch when it comes to productivity too, with the same 16-core chip completing a Blender benchmark 31% faster than an Intel Core i9-12900K. That said, all of these benchmarks will have undoubtedly been curated to paint Ryzen 7000 in the best light, but we’ll only have to wait until Fall of this year to test it for ourselves.

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Zen 4 CPUs weren’t the only thing AMD brought to Computex however, as it shared more information on its AM5 platform for gaming PCs. That’s not forgetting the new features arriving in the AMD Advantage platform, either, which should feature in this year’s best gaming laptops like the Corsair Voyager and next-generation Asus, Acer, MSI, and Gigabyte models.