American Truck Simulator adds the new Western Star 57X

Daimler Truck has revealed its new Western Star 57X highway truck, and you can take it on the road today in American Truck Simulator

The newest addition to American Truck Simulator is a completely new model from Daimler Truck, one that debuted in the truck game and on American highways almost simultaneously. Now you can add the Western Star 57X – part of the company’s ‘trilogy of tough’ lineup – to your fleet in American Truck Simulator, thanks to a partnership between developer SCS Software and Western Star.

The 57X boasts several improvements over Western Star’s 49X and 47X models, which debuted in 2020 and 2021, respectively. It has the longest cab of the three, and comes in both a day cab and 72-inch sleeper configuration.

In American Truck Simulator, you’ll be able to choose between day cab and sleeper variants, and pick between three sort-chassis and two long-chassis options. The game also includes five interior trim designs, a range of powertrain options, and of course all the usual customisation for lights, fairings, paint jobs, and the rest.

Here’s the reveal for the real-life 57X:

YouTube Thumbnail

And here it is in American Truck Simulator:

YouTube Thumbnail

SCS has captured many of the slick-looking high-tech features in its digital version of the 57X, like the digital dashboard and C-bracket side-view mirrors with integrated turn signals.

It’s available now at any Western Star dealer in American Truck Simulator. The base price for the day cab configuration is $118,765, while the sleeper cab variant will set you back $189,530 and requires you to be at least level 25.

It’ll be the perfect rig to take on the road when the Montana DLC arrives later this week.