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How long is Amnesia The Bunker - story length and time to beat

We have all the details about how long it takes to beat Amnesia The Bunker on average, as well as estimated playtimes for speedrunners and completionists alike.

How long is Amnesia The Bunker: The terrifying monster that stalks the eponymous bunker is spotlit by the red light from a flare, its jagged teeth and talons outstretched.

How long is Amnesia The Bunker? Minutes can seem like hours when you’re trapped underground with a monster intent on ripping you limb from limb, and it can be tough to envision an end to the torment when groping around blindly in the dark. Well, never fear – we can tell you how long Amnesia The Bunker takes to beat, from your first tentative steps into the bunker right through to the end credits.

Your primary objective is deceptively simple: find the Amnesia The Bunker dynamite and detonator handle to blow your way out. Of course, tracking them down is easier said than done, and your exploration of the eponymous bunker is constantly hamstrung by the monster stalking you. Amnesia The Bunker also includes a manual save system, so if you’re caught, you lose all progress and restart in the office. After taking all this into account, here’s how long it’ll take you to beat Amnesia The Bunker.

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How long is Amnesia The Bunker?

Amnesia The Bunker takes around six hours to complete on average, though it may take over ten hours for completionists or as little as two hours on subsequent attempts.

“The game’s focus is not necessarily on its length but instead on the challenge of surviving,” says creative lead Frederik Olsson. “Some players may finish the game in as little as four hours, others may take their time to explore, think about their next move, experiment, and strategize. In the end, the duration of the game will be significantly influenced by the player’s skills and courage, as well as their preferred playstyle and decision-making.”

We can confirm Olsson’s assessment with our own experience creeping around the horror game. The bunker may be small but it’s densely packed with optional items, and we spent a significant amount of time hiding in wardrobes and under beds while the monster is on the prowl.

To minimize your chances of stumbling into a dead-end and inadvertently extending your playtime, we highly recommend keeping our annotated Amnesia The Bunker map to hand. We also have dedicated guides to help you locate the Amnesia The Bunker wrench and bolt cutters. Not only will they aid in exploration, but they’re also required to successfully reach the ending.

Now that you know how long it takes to beat Amnesia The Bunker according to your preferred playstyle, take a look at how fared on the frontline in our Amnesia The Bunker preview, as well as some of our demo tips that can help you survive the full version of the game.