Now we know what Final Fantasy 14 Among Us skins would look like

Thanks to this one fan's awesome concept designs

Final Fantasy 14 already has a whole menagerie of adorable critters. Now, you can add sneaky space beans to that list, thanks to some new fan designs that reimagine the online RPG game’s classes as Among Us characters. The hugely popular social deduction game reached 1.5 million players just last month, with no signs of slowing down. We reckon it’d be even less likely to lose its place in the Steam charts with these White Mages to buff it, Dark Knights to tank for it, and Dragoons to dish out the hurt.

Reddit user Larvesta is behind the adorable, incredibly faithful design, which recreates 18 of Final Fantasy 14’s character classes to bring them in line with the distinctive Among Us artstyle. We’re not sure if the face mask is going to help the Blue Mage’s chances to blend in, though. Some of the classes even come with tiny, Among Us-themed companions.

Reddit users already have their own ideas on how these new designs would play into Among Us. “Dragoon is sus, how did you go from O2 to Admin so fast?,” writes Slyxdexic. “I jumped” is, of course, the mobile DPS classes’ reply.

Check out the excellent designs below:

FFXIV Classes as Among Us characters from ffxiv

These join a bunch of other excellent fan-made Among Us creations, including these Rainbow Six Siege skins, and this Among Us and Brooklyn Nine-Nine mash-up. While you’re here, don’t forget to check out our Among Us Guide: tips to winning as Crewmates, and our Among Us imposter guide to become the sneakiest space bean that you can be.