Rainbow Six Siege fan designs Among Us skins that should be canon

Here's what Rainbow Six Siege's best Ops would look like in Among Us

If you’re a multiplayer games fan, you’ve probably heard of Among Us by now. InnerSloth’s space-themed whodunnit has become more than a little popular recently, with the Among Us player count hitting 1.5 million concurrent crewmates and impostors earlier this month. It’s even caught the attention of some creative fans – such as one who’s imagined an impressive Rainbow Six Siege-Among Us mash-up.

Twitter user Hanjosi has posted a bunch of concept images giving an idea of what all the best Rainbow Six Siege Operators would look like in Among Us, starting with Capitao, IQ, Tachanka, Ela, Zero (Sam Fisher), Alibi, Ash, and Mozzie, which you can see below. The concept’s impressively faithful to both the indie game’s distinctive, cartoon-like artstyle and the spirit of the Rainbow Six Ops – they’re immediately recognisable, from Capitao’s, er, cap, to Ash’s dark FBI kit.

Hanjosi’s also imagined what it would look like if Mozzie and Gridlock were paired up in the game as pals, along with a look at Montagne, Rook, Doc, Twitch, and Lion in the art style, too.

Here’s the main event, with eight of the FPS game’s Ops in Among Us’ art style:

Here are Among Us’ Mozzie and Gridlock:

And Monty and co. all in a line:

There’s no sign of an official Among Us x Rainbow Six Siege crossover coming to the game, sadly, but for now you can enjoy the idea of it with the art above. Plus, someone recently has created an Among Us-Brooklyn Nine-Nine mash-up, animating one of the TV show’s best scenes in the style of the game, which you get a look at, too.