Anno 1800’s Tourist Season DLC has arrived, along with a free update

Build your own gorgeous vacation getaway with the second DLC of Anno 1800's third season

Anno 1800 is all about the Industrial Age – smokestacks, workhouses, potato farms, and factories. Now that we’re in the city-building game’s third season, it’s the perfect time to get away from it all and go see the world. The Tourist Season DLC, the second addition coming as part of the Season 3 Pass, is out today, and it lets you create your own bustling tourist town, complete with hotels, restaurants, and spectacular sights.

Let’s take a quick moment to appreciate how gorgeous Anno 1800 looks, shall we? Tourist Season is a perfect showcase for this – the golden sunlight beats down on the round terra cotta shingles of country villas, azure skies give way to rosy sunsets as ladies and gentlemen make their way to the latest trendy restaurant, and city lights illuminate tall World’s Fair-style monuments.

You can build all this stuff with the Tourist Season DLC, which is based around creating a tourism economy on your island of choice. You’ll want tourists to have the amenities they expect, like hotels and cafes, and you’ll need to provide transportation for them to get to and from the notable cultural attractions in the area, such as museums and zoos.

Here’s the trailer:

YouTube Thumbnail

The DLC can be purchased as a standalone expansion, and it’s included with the Season 3 Pass, which runs $19.99 / £16.99. However, all Anno 1800 players will see a significant free update today, regardless of whether they buy the new DLC. The patch adds the ability to regrow trees in deforested areas, an option to slow time down to 50%, character customisation options during your game, updated ground plates for ornaments, a new queue for the Research Institute, and the ability to send other players money during multiplayer games.

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