Apex Legends Control LTM returns, along with Newcastle fixes

The popular Control limited time mode is back in Apex Legends, and now you can play it on World's Edge thanks to the latest collection event, The Awakening

Apex Legends: Valkyrie crouches, ready to attack

Control mode is making its return to Apex Legends in the battle royale game’s upcoming Awakening collection event, which is set to kick off June 21. The update that rolls out that day will include a new clinic facility on Olympus, the addition of World’s Edge to the Control LTM map pool, and some impactful fixes for the latest legend, Newcastle.

Lifeline’s Clinic is a new building located between Gardens and Grow Towers on Olympus. Inside you’ll find a fancy state-ot-the-art med bay that can heal you and your team. When you stand on the platform, a tether will attach to you and dish out continuous healing for as long as the med bay is charged up. Once the juice is gone, the bay will have to recharge for a while.

The Control LTM debuted earlier this year, and it’s proven popular with Apex Legends players. In it, two teams of nine players compete for control of three zones, with teams earning points for taking control of zones and for maintaining possession of them over time. There are a few minor changes to Control this time around: now you’ll see ad drones in the mode, which Respawn says are there for “flavour and storytelling purposes”, but you can always shoot them if you prefer.

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More importantly, empty team slots at the start of Control matches will be filled with new players in order to prevent uneven matches. You’ll also find new tabs in the about screen, which explain the mode’s ratings values and spawn system.

You can check out the full patch notes for the complete breakdown of everything changing in the next update. However, the patch will be making some much-needed fixes for Newcastle, Apex Legends’ newest member. Respawn has fixed the bug that caused Newcastle to be suspended mid-air while performing his ultimate ability if he was ensnared by Ash’s tactical ability, as well as the one that made it impossible for Newcastle to perform a reload if the “Destroy Wall” prompt was visible on screen.

An exploit that allowed Newcastle to instantly recharge his revive shield by throwing a knockdown shield and picking it back up has also been fixed, as well as a bug that made his ultimate ability take longer than intended to deploy.

Crafting has been changed up a bit, too: the R-301 and Rampage have been removed from the crafting list, and can now be found as floor loot. For the Wingman and CAR SMG (some of Apex Legends’ best guns), it’s the other way around – you won’t find them on the ground anymore, but you’ll be able to synthesise them at a replicator.