Apex Legends Mad Maggie bug nerfs riot drill vs Newcastle

A new Apex Legends Mad Maggie bug is causing her riot drill to not deal damage to Newcastle’s mobile shield in the FPS game, instead just resetting its cooldown

Apex Legends - Mad Maggie bug stops riot drill working

Apex Legends players have noticed what appears to be a new Mad Maggie bug preventing her riot drill from dealing damage through Newcastle’s mobile shield. Maggie’s riot drill ability attaches to solid obstacles and burns enemies located on the other side, making it an ideal way to flush rival players out from behind obstacles or shields in the battle royale game, but it’s currently not working as intended.

Normally, the drill works against defences created by legend abilities, such as Gibraltar’s dome of protection and Newcastle’s mobile shield, as well as on natural cover, walls, and doors. However, since the recent Awakening event update during Apex Legends season 13, which provided several other fixes for Newcastle, it seems as though the riot drill is being prevented from affixing to the newest legend’s shield.

Reddit user Sweatyeagle8497 initially posted a clip showing the bug in action, though it wasn’t enough to stop them from taking down their opponent. They then did some testing and found that it happened consistently – with the riot drill not attaching to the shield and instead refreshing its cooldown. So at least you don’t lose it, then, but you also don’t get its intended benefit.

You can watch a clip demonstrating the glitch below:

I made a post about Maggie’s drill being bugged with an NC shield, tested it in the firing range and found this from apexlegends

This bug joins continuing reports that Loba’s bracelet is encountering a similar issue where it will sometimes randomly disappear and reset its cooldown instead of teleporting her to it when it hits the ground as intended. Elsewhere, other users are still reporting instances of Wraith becoming seemingly invulnerable for a short period after exiting the void.

Respawn’s live balance designer recently explained why he believes new guns “have to be sexy and strong” to encourage players of the FPS game to use them. If you’re still unsure which one to pick up, check out our Apex Legends weapon tier list. Glitched interactions aside, it’s still one of the best multiplayer games on PC – but click that link if you fancy trying something different instead.