Post Malone is coming to Apex Legends, yes really

Post Malone is coming to Apex Legends for a limited time crossover event, telling fans to ready themselves for "two weeks of beautiful mayhem."

Apex Legends Post Malone: A man with a short hair cut and long beard smokes a cigarette, tattoos encircling his face

Apex Legends fans have received their fair share of exciting news recently. With Resurrection, the hero shooter’s 18th season, slowly wrapping up, players are enjoying its various features before Season 19 drops. The upcoming season isn’t the only new content drop to look forward to, though, as we’ve just received word of a limited-time crossover event with one of today’s biggest musicians. Post Malone is coming to Apex Legends, baby.

While Apex Legends is one of the most popular FPS games right now thanks to its accessibility and fast-paced gameplay, it’s also beloved by many for its fanbase. Post Malone himself is a pretty big name within the Apex Legends community, known for streaming it in his “Gaming for Love” series and raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity.

The musician is teaming up with Respawn Games for a new event. “Get ready for two weeks of beautiful mayhem,” the singer’s reveal reads. The video shows Post Malone sprawled out on the ground, presumably dead, asking if anyone can ‘rez’ him. At the end of the clip, we see details about the upcoming event, including its start date, Tuesday, November 7.

Judging by Post Malone’s reference to the event lasting “two weeks,” this means that it’ll likely come to a close on Tuesday, November 21. The end of the video also reveals what looks to be a unique Octane skin, likely themed around the singer himself. We don’t know much else yet, but I’ve personally got my fingers crossed for some exclusive music.

This isn’t the only game Post Malone knows and loves. He’s previously shared his excitement for Starfield, even revealing that he makes time for gaming while on tour. Seeing those you look up to share your hobbies never gets old. While we wait for the event, we can make the best of our remaining time with Apex Legends’ Resurrection content.

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