Starfield is coming, and Post Malone can’t wait to play it

Bethesda is releasing one of the biggest RPGs this year, and it looks like even celebrities can't wait as Post Malone shares his excitement for Starfield.

Starfield Post Malone: A man with dark hair and a neat beard looks ahead with a serious stare

Starfield is one of those RPG games that has everyone hooked before it’s even out, celebrities included it seems. Bethesda has yet to launch the massive new space experience, but with its full release creeping up on us, it’s understandable how excited we all are to dive into Starfield. Post Malone, a musician I personally love for his down-to-earth personality, is joining the Starfield hype train along with us. The singer was asked about the upcoming game by a fan and his answer has me grinning from ear to ear.

“Are you gonna play Starfield? Are you excited?” Kate, a Post Malone concert attendee, asked the performer as he signed albums for fans. After waiting for seven hours in the scorching heat, I honestly can’t think of a better question to ask him myself. Post Malone responded, and if you didn’t adore the musician before you certainly will now. “F*ck yeah, I’m gonna play the sh*t out of Starfield!”

“I’m so excited,” he went on, saying that he’ll be on tour when the Starfield release date rolls around but he nonetheless has “a nice cool lil’ rig to play on” while traveling. Kate ended the encounter with a simple, “Love you,” to which Post Malone adorably replied with a wholesome “I love you, too” while signing an autograph.

The whole video is just too precious to not share, and with the recent Starfield questions answered by Bethesda, it just adds to my eagerness. It’s always fun to learn your favorite celebrities have the same interests as you, like when I found out that The Witcher’s Henry Cavill is a dedicated PC gamer.

If you’re also anticipating Bethesda’s huge new RPG and haven’t done so yet, you should make sure that your PC is ready for its take-off with this quick rundown of the Starfield system requirements. You can also prepare for the game’s release by looking through all of the known Starfield cities thus far.

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