Arm Wrestle Simulator codes September 2023

We've searched high and low for the latest Arm Wrestle Sim codes to bring you free wins, boosts, and lots more for this action-packed Roblox game.

Arm Wrestle Simulator codes: two cartoon characters arm wrestling.

September 29, 2023: We added 2 new Arm Wrestle Simulator code to our list and checked for expired codes.

What are the new Arm Wrestle Simulator codes? This popular Roblox experience channels the simulator games of the past few years, rewarding your strenuous clicks with rapidly multiplying strength. Arm Wrestle codes can speed up the process exponentially, earning you the gains you need to bend everyone’s elbows and slam even the beefiest of opponent’s forearms onto the table. Keep up with all the latest codes before they expire, and you’ll have a natural advantage over those who don’t.

As we’ve already alluded to, Arm Wrestle Simulator takes the ideas of many other popular Roblox games to create one centered around a less violent form of settling your differences, without resorting to a boring game of rock, paper, scissors. For further freebies in other action-packed Roblox releases, be sure to grab the latest Blox Fruits codes, King Legacy codes, and Fruit Battlegrounds codes before they’re gone.

New Arm Wrestle Simulator codes

Here are all active Arm Wrestle Simulator codes:

  • ITSHULKTIME – +15% total strength (New)
  • 500MILLION – double wins for 5 hours (New)
  • LIKES – double Luck and double Wins
  • bigupdatesoon – Strength Stat Boost
  • Greek – 250 Wins
  • THANKSFOR400M – 5% Stats and double wins
  • WEDNESDAY – 5% stat boost and double wins
  • FIXED – strength stat boost
  • SORRYAGAIN – 10% stat boost
  • 200m – 5% stat boost
  • enchant – three free rebirths
  • pinksandcastle – free spin
  • noob – free spin
  • secret – free egg
  • knighty – three free wins
  • axel – 50 wins

Expired codes

  • release

When using Arm Wrestle Simulator codes, make sure to get the spelling absolutely correct. Any invisible spaces before or after, which can happen when you copy and paste codes, will cause the code to read as invalid or not working. Likewise, incorrect capitalizing matters, too. Right now, all codes for Arm Wrestle Simulator are entirely lowercase.

Arm Wrestle Simulator codes: A blue box outlines where to enter the code to redeem it by pressing a large green button.

How do I redeem Arm Wrestle Simulator codes?

You can redeem Arm Wrestle Simulator codes as soon as you join the game. You don’t need to reach a certain level, follow anyone on Twitter, validate your account through Discord, or any of that nonsense.

To use them, just launch Arm Wrestle Simulator and look for the button labelled ‘Codes’ on the right side of the screen: it’s between the Daily and Rebirth buttons just above the big ‘Claim Gift’ button. They’re all ones you want to press often, so you’ll have no trouble finding the Codes button when you need it.

Once it’s open, just type a working Arm Wrestle Simulator code into the box and hit the big green Verify button. If entered correctly, Arm Wrestle Simulator free wins and boosts will be added to your account automatically.

How do I get more Arm Wrestle Simulator codes?

Right now, there are only a few different ways to find Arm Wrestle Simulator codes. If you don’t trust us to update this list as soon as new redeem codes drop, you can follow developers Axelmakes and S1Rknighty on Twitter. The game’s code box suggests both of these will publish codes to their feeds (you can also follow both for a permanent in-game boost), but as of AWS Update 2, only S1Rknighty has done so.

The official Arm Wrestle Simulator Discord is another social channel worth joining if you’re hoping for rapid access to new codes. It covers a few other games from the same developers – so you may get spammed with unrelated updates – but it’s also good for learning about impending updates ahead of time. Axelmakes, going by the name of Kubo here, drops short Arm Wrestle Simulator update patch notes ahead of their release in the Announcements tab.

Arm Wrestle Simulator codes haven’t dropped with each update, deviating from the unofficial Roblox tradition. That means joining the AWS Discord isn’t wholly necessary, but it’s a good source of in-game help and information all the same. There’s always the chance codes will be dropped here in the future, and there’s no real downside to hopping in from time to time to check up on things.

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