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All Armored Core 6 OS upgrades

Our list of all the OS Upgrades in Armored Core 6 will let you know what improvements you’ll be able to get on your machines, from health to damage upgrades.

What are Armored Core 6 OS Upgrades? Parts and weapons can’t be upgraded in Armored Core 6, however, there are ways to upgrade your mech. OS Upgrades are used for a lot of different things and you’ll be able to utilize them fairly early on. There are a good number of OS Upgrades, so we’ve gone ahead and put them all in one place to make it easy to see what upgrades are available.

OS Upgrades can help give you the edge when using the Armored Core 6 best builds and they’re also where you’ll find the Armored Core 6 core expansions. With the right OS Upgrades, you’ll even find yourself doing a lot of additional damage with different Armored Core 6 weapon parts, so it’s important that you remember to utilize upgrades that work best with your playstyle.

Armored Core 6 OS Upgrades list

In order to upgrade your mech, you’re going to need to acquire chips. These chips are known as OS Tuning chips, or OST chips, and you get them from winning matches in the Arena. Although core expansions are included alongside the other upgrades, only one of these can be equipped at a time. You’re going to want to take advantage of these upgrades as soon as you’re able.

Here are the Armored Core 6 OS Upgrades:

  • Boost Kick
  • Weapon Bay
  • Weight Control
  • Manual Aiming
  • Quick Turn
  • Assault Armor
  • Pulse Protection
  • Pulse Armor
  • Terminal Armor
  • Kinect Weapons – Fire Control Tuning
  • Explosive Weapons – Fuse Control Tuning
  • Energy Weapons – Output Control Tuning
  • Melee Weapons – Drive Control Tuning
  • Direct Hit Modifier – Damage Tuning
  • Access Speed – Optimization
  • ACS – Dynamic Deflection Control Tuning
  • Repair Kits – Optimization

Boost Kick

This unlocks the Boost Kick ability which allows you to end an Assault Boost with a kick that does a fair amount of damage. It’s very useful both for putting enemies in strain faster and in positioning yourself to unload attacks directly into your opponent’s metal face.

Weapon Bay

Once you purchase this upgrade, you can put arm weapons on your mech’s shoulders. While you can’t use them directly, you instead swap out your arm weapons with the ones on your shoulder, replacing them as needed. This is a great solution to dwindling ammo stores when you know bullets are going to be scarce.

Access Speed – Optimization

Makes the access function where you use or interact with an object take either 50% or 100% less time.

Weight Control

With this upgrade, you can sortie even if your mech is overburdened. Normally, you would need to remove parts until your weight lowers, so this can be very handy. This upgrade allows you to purge any of your four weapons, lowering your weight and increasing your movement speed.

Manual Aiming

There’s no special benefit to Manual Aiming unless you’re an expert using mouse controls. This upgrade makes Armored Core VI a good deal harder, but it’s a great way to challenge yourself considering the game doesn’t feature higher difficulties.

Quick Turn

With the press of a button, you can now instantly turn your mech to face any direction you please. If you’re playing using keyboard and mouse controls, you may not want to bother with this upgrade as a mouse should be able to turn fairly quickly.

Repair Kits – Optimization

Adds up to 2,000 extra HP to what a repair kit heals.

Assault Armor

This is the first Core Expansion. Using it generates a spherical shockwave that cancels out attacks and damages any foes in its radius for a fairly short while.

Pulse Protection

Very similar to Assault Armor, Pulse Protection instead creates a protective spherical field. As long as you’re inside it, enemy shots won’t hurt you. It’s great for when you need a short breather.

Pulse Armor

This is basically a version of Pulse Protection that gives you a shield that stays active while moving. It has fewer charges but is extremely useful.

Terminal Armor

Taking fatal damage immediately heals the player to maximum and creates a temporary shield while you respawn.

Kinect Weapons – Fire Control Tuning

Adds up to 15% additional damage to kinetic weapons.

Explosive Weapons – Fuse Control Tuning

Adds up to 15% additional damage to explosive weapons.

Energy Weapons – Output Control Tuning

Adds up to 15% additional damage to energy weapons.

Melee Weapons – Drive Control Tuning

Adds up to 15% additional damage to melee weapons.

Direct Hit Modifier – Damage Tuning

Adds up to 15% additional damage to staggered enemies.

ACS – Dynamic Deflection Control Tuning

Reduces damage taken by up to 15%

If you’re finding yourself blown to smithereens or if you just want to take your enemies down more quickly, OS Upgrades in Armored Core 6 will make your life much, much easier. If you’re looking to learn more about the game, check out our Armored Core 6 review or take a look at our list of Armored Core 6 parts to take a gander at your options.