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Evangelion is spelt wrong on $700 Asus ROG motherboard, yes really

Fans are up in arms and resorting to using black markers to correct a rather careless spelling error on the the flagship Z790 Hero board.

Asus ROG Evangelion mistake

Imagine building hype for an Evangelion-themed line of PC hardware, then spelling the name wrong, plain to see, on the motherboard. Well, Asus is finding out exactly how this feels after units of the Asus ROG Maximus Z790 Hero motherboard have shipped with the name of the anime show – the show that this entire collaboration is built around – misspelled as EvangeNlion. Ouch.

Asus is known for its hand in shipping some of the best gaming laptops on the market, but when it comes to standalone components and gaming PCs, it might want to bury its head in the sand for a little while after this mistake.

While Asus will take the heat for the misspelling, it’s actually been identified that the mistake has been present in marketing material that has been available to the public for some time.

The ‘EvangeNlion’ mistake can be found on the I/O cover, which does offer a slight moment of reprieve, given that you won’t actually be able to see the text when a fan is installed.

Asus has yet to comment on the mistake, and it appears that publically shipped units all contain the error. We’re not quite sure whether this makes it worse or better, but every other instance of the word Evangelion being used on the Asus ROG Maximus Z790 Hero motherboard is correct. Perhaps this just needed one more QA pass before approval.

So far, no mistakes have been found across any other hardware components or peripherals across the entire Asus ROG x Evangelion collaboration, but it might be wise to give everything a once-over just to be sure.

When it comes to correcting this issue, some owners have taken a black marker to their motherboard in order to hide the mistake, but we expect there to be some process in place from Asus to either arrange a swap for a new board, or maybe a part refund for the mistake. You can get a good look at the mistake in the video below

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