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Asus just confirmed a new ROG Ally, and it’s black like a Steam Deck

A new Steam Deck competitor is set to be revealed later today as Asus teases a new gaming handheld, and it may have an OLED display.

Black Asus ROG Ally tease

A new Asus ROG Ally is officially being revealed today, and Batman will be happy, because it comes in black. As part of a surprise tease, Asus has uploaded a video titled “The next ROG Ally is coming…” to YouTube, with the premiere set to take place later today.  It has since uploaded an image for a competition that features a black ROG Ally, potentially confirming part of today’s reveal a little early.

Despite only being out for 11 months, the ROG Ally has established itself as one of the best handheld gaming PCs, although Asus has struggled to match the Steam Deck‘s popularity so far. This new model could provide a big push towards bridging this gap.

YouTube Thumbnail

The content in the above video is set to premiere at noon PT and will reveal what is coming next for the ROG Ally. We’ve covered both the potential outcomes of today’s reveal in recent days, including a second-generation ROG Ally 2, and a new 2024 model that may move the microSD port due to the existing overheating issues.

As seen in an image posted by Asus to X (formerly Twitter), a black ROG Ally can be seen on a shelving unit, just peeking out enough to make it clear what it is, but without revealing any other potential design differences.

Based on the image being used to advertise the video, and what we see of the black model in the image, the external shell takes the same general shape as the existing ROG Ally. This leads us to believe that any design improvements could be hard to discern until the handheld is shown off. Are we finally getting an OLED screen, perhaps?

While it would be a great move from Asus to improve the display quality, the price of the Ally is often highlighted as a big blocker versus the cheaper Steam Deck, and adding an OLED screen would likely inflate this price gap further.

Tune in to the reveal from 12pm PT / 8pm GMT and we’ll bring you all the news from the reveal as it happens.

If you’re looking to compare the ROG Ally to its nearest rivals, you can check out our Steam Deck OLED review and Lenovo Legion Go review. This will also give you a good idea of where this exciting new model will stack up.