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How to fast travel in Atomic Heart

If you’re wondering how to fast travel in Atomic Heart, it’s likely because you want to zip from one testing ground to another, but you’re out of luck.

Atomic Heart fast travel: the player wielding a big gun and firing it at a robot with claws

Want to know how to fast travel in Atomic Heart? The open world of this alternate history Soviet Union is chock-full of hostile robots wanting to slaughter you on sight, so being able to hop between locations you’ve already visited would be a welcome feature indeed, not to mention saving you time and health.

The Atomic Heart map has plenty of landmarks despite not being too big, along with red cars you can hop in to drive wherever you’d like – permitted you don’t run into too many robots in this open-world game, anyway. But is there an Atomic Heart fast travel mechanic?

Atomic Heart fast travel: A save point in-game

Atomic Heart fast travel explained

Unfortunately, it is impossible to fast travel in Atomic Heart, so the quickest way to get from point A to B is to use a car. This is disappointing if you were hoping to swerve all the robots hunting you down, but on the plus side, it means you can take in the surroundings, which do look quite impressive. There’s also plenty of loot to be found off the beaten track, if you’re short of metal parts or biomaterials.

It’s worth exploring away from the main objective too, because you’ll find Testing Grounds, which contain strong Atomic Heart weapons and neuropolymer to upgrade your Atomic Heart skills. It also gives you a bit of a break from the Atomic Heart bosses and how intense they can be.

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Developer Mundfish has come under increasing scrutiny in recent weeks after it was alleged that the Russian government stands to gain financially from the release of Atomic Heart. This is due to the fact that investors involved in financing Mundfish include GEM Capital, an investment fund whose founder has ties to Gazprom and VTB Bank, both of which are majority-owned by the Russian state.

Further, Mundfish is partnering with VK (formerly Mail.RU) for the Russian release of Atomic Heart, evading sanctions on Steam. VK is also majority-owned by the Russian state through Gazprombank, and Mundfish’s CEO is a former Creative Director at Mail.RU.

With Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine, many players are choosing to boycott the game in protest and donate money to organisations like The Ukraine Crisis AppealInternational Rescue Committee, and the British Red Cross.