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New Atomic Heart update adds ray tracing and fixes AMD FSR bug

Atomic Heart update adds a ray tracing beta and also fixes a crash linked to the disabling of Fidelity FX Super Resolution

Atomic Heart ray tracing update

A new Atomic Heart update is live and brings with it a ray tracing beta, new accessibility features, and a fix for a frustrating bug that has seen the game crashing when disabling AMD Fidelity FX Super Resolution. Achievements have also been added for the Trapped in Limbo DLC.

As with any ray tracing implementation, you’re going to want the best graphics card for the prettiest results. For this beta, the Atomic Heart devs recommend a graphics card that supports DXR (DirectX ray tracing) with at least 12GB of memory.

The ray tracing beta itself comes with three preset configurations: Performance, Quality, and Balanced. This means you won’t have to wade through a list of individual settings and run trial-and-error benchmarks to find out what works best. It’s noted that when ray tracing is enabled, the player character will not reflect in mirror surfaces.

Atomic Heart also supports Nvidia DLSS 3 including Super Resolution and Frame Generation. These can be used in conjunction with ray tracing to get the best performance possible, although as this is just a beta, some features may not work as intended.

Elsewhere in this game update, eight new accessibility features have been added to the game, including a colorblind mode, auto QTE completion, auto-heal, and the highlighting of various game elements and objects.

General game stability is improved with various graphical bugs, including some rare crashes being fixed for good. Finally, a big AMD FSR bug has been dealt with so you should no longer encounter a crash when disabling Fidelity FX Super Resolution in the graphics settings.

If you’re yet to jump into this dystopian adventure, you can check out our Atomic Heart review to see what we think of the game. If the Trapped in Limbo DLC has you ready to return to the game, check out the best Atomic Heart weapons to make sure you’re adequately prepared.