Avengers Game Thor skill tree: all abilities detailed

Let’s shine a light on the god of thunder’s abilities and skills

Ah, Thor, the god of thunder and just generally a fun guy to have a party with – that’s if he’s on your team, of course. Thor is one of the biggest names in the Avengers world so of course, he’s in the game supporting his comrades in beating up the bad guys.

Asgard will have to wait as Thor’s powers are needed when the Avengers are disbanded after the fateful A-day where Captain America was killed in action. The character is heavily focused on his lightning abilities, as well as his flight skills. Good on the ground, or in the air, Thor is a good all-rounder who can pack a punch.

We’re just happy to have someone with some friendly banter around as Peter Parker isn’t coming to the PC version of the game. If you do want to see the friendly neighbour tarantula, here are some Spider-Man PC games for you to enjoy. However, if you’re more into feeling electrified here’s all of Thor’s abilities in Marvel’s Avengers.

First Skill tree

Midgard’s Finest – Light Attack – Press square/X to perform a basic attack. Rapidly press square/X four times to combo a series of light attacks. The last hit of the combo is a light combo finisher that inflicts significant damage.

Hammer Spin – Signature Attack – Hold square/X to execute a powerful spinning attack that hits all immediate enemies, rapidly pummeling them for increased damage.

Whirling Uru – Signature Attack Upgrade – After executing Hammer Spin, hold square/X to execute a follow-up spinning strike that hits all immediate enemies, swiftly battering them for increased damage.

Mjolnir Cyclone – Signature Attack Upgrade – After executing Whirling Uru, hold square/X to execute one last follow-up spinning barrage that hits all surrounding enemies and inflicts increased damage.

Sledgehammer – Light Sprint Attack – Press square/X while Sprinting to execute a powerful leaping hammer strike with slightly more damage and impact than a standard light attack.

Slide Smash – Light Dodge Attack – Press square/X immediately after Dodging in order to execute a sweeping hammer attack that spins enemies, making them vulnerable to additional attacks.

Sky Fire – Aerial Light Attack – Press square/X rapidly to attack while in midair. Rapidly press square/X three times while airborne to execute a series of light attacks that incrementally increase in damage.

Star Heart Slam – Aerial Signature Attack – Hold square/X to build up a Signature Attack that quickly plummets straight down to the ground, creating a radial explosion on impact.

Second Skill tree

Hammer Slash – Heavy Attack – Press triangle/Y to execute a heavy attack that can interrupt enemy attacks. Rapidly press triangle/Y to chain together multiple heavy attacks. The last hit of the combo is a Heavy Combo Finisher that inflicts significant damage and launches enemies into the air.

Sigrud Strike – Heavy Attack Upgrade – Press square/X three times and triangle/Y once to execute a powerful hammer attack that breaks through enemy defences and flings them backwards with incredible force.

Thunderstruck – Heavy Attack Upgrade – Rapidly press square/X three times, triangle/Y once, and R2/RT to chain a light attack combo into a special Heavy Combo Finisher that uses Odinforce to add a powerful lightning blast with a large damage area to the final attack.

Storm Striker – Power Attack – Hold triangle/Y to charge up an overhead hammer attack that breaks through blocks and send out a shockwave that does heavy damage, slamming enemies on contact.

Bring the Thunder – Power Attack – While on the ground hold triangle/Y and R2/RT to energize the Storm Striker attack with Odinforce. The attack has an increased damage area and can hit multiple enemies.

Air Lunge – Aerial Heavy Attack – While in midair, rapidly press triangle/Y to perform a Heavy Attack Combo that incrementally increases in damage.

Falling Star – Aerial Power Attack – Hold triangle/Y while in midair to activate a diving hammer attack, damaging enemies on contact and causing a large damage area upon impact.

Crack the Sky – Aerial Power Attack – While performing a Falling Star dive, hold R2/RT to channel intrinsic Odinforce energy into a powerful lightning blast on impact. Increases the normal damage area of Falling Star.

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Third Skill Tree

Mjolnir’s Flight – Ranged Attack – Hold L2/LT and press R2/RT to throw the hammer. Hammer will pin enemies hit when thrown and stick onto surfaces on impact. Press L2/LT to recall the hammer after being thrown. Effective on ground or in midair.

Tornado Throw – Ranged Power Attack – Hold L2/LT and R2/RT to rapidly spin the hammer and charge up a powerful hammer throw that has increased damage and impact when R2/RT is released.

Immovable Intent – Ranged Attack Upgrade – Throwing the hammer can trap up to two enemies beneath its immovable might, leaving trapped combatants pinned and defenceless.

Tenacious Bolt – Ranged Power Attack Upgrade – Charges the Tornado Throw with Odinforce before it is released. The charged hammer arcs lightning out to enemies along its path when thrown.

Headstrong – Signature Attack – After throwing the hammer, hold square/X to perform a powerful headbutt that leaves enemies open for follow-up attacks.

Uru Uppercut – Heavy Attack Upgrade – After being thrown, press triangle/Y to recall the hammer and execute a powerful hammer uppercut that launches nearby targets in the facing direction.

Drop the Hammer – Aerial Heavy Attack – After being thrown, press triangle/Y in the air to recall the hammer then slam down to the ground, hitting all enemies in a small radius around the impact point.

Crashing Thunder – Heavy Attack Upgrade – After being thrown, press triangle/Y while Sprinting to recall the hammer in a leaping stroke that launches enemies into the air.

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Fourth Skill Tree

Electrostatic – Intrinsic Energy Upgrade – Increases the maximum amount of intrinsic Odinforce energy by 15%.

Electric Field – Intrinsic Energy Upgrade – Increases the maximum amount of intrinsic Odinforce energy by 15%

Galvanize – Intrinsic Ability Upgrade – Activating Odinforce defensively will block grenades or other projectiles, deflecting away any explosives devices.

Odinforce – Intrinsic Ability – Hold R2/RT to activate Odinforce, a divine power that harnesses lightning to Counter Incoming attacks but drains intrinsic Odinforce energy. Does not Counter unblockable attacks. The available charge of Odinforce builds while not in use. Counter just before an attack hits to Parry the attack, lowering the impact resistance of the attacker.

God of Thunder – Intrinsic Ability Upgrade – While Odinforce is active, boost the strength of all melee attacks with an electric charge that applies Shock damage to targets and interrupts enemy attacks.

Divine Chaos – Intrinsic Ability Upgrade – When Odinforce is full, perform several attacks in quick succession without sustaining damage to Overcharge it. Overcharging the intrinsic ability automatically activates Odinforce and keeps it active until taking damage, Countering, or ceasing attacks.

Power of Uru – Intrinsic Ability Upgrade – Activating Odinforce while the hammer is pinned to an enemy of the world will radiate a periodic electrical pulse dealing additional damage to the pinned and any nearby enemies.

Shock Resistor – Defensive Ability – 15% reduction in damage from enemy Shock attacks.

Legacy of Odinson – Intrinsic Ability Upgrade – While Odinforce is active, attacking and defeating enemies will refund Intrinsic energy, keeping Odinforce active for a longer period of time. Melee attacks restore two points of intrinsic energy. Defeating enemies will restore 15 points of energy.

Eternal Spark – Intrinsic Ability Upgrade – Reduces the decay rate of intrinsic Odinforce energy by 15% when the ability is used continuously.

Odin’s Offering – Intrinsic Ability Upgrade – When the intrinsic Odinforce meter is fully depleted, defeating enemies instantly grants a boost of 15 points of intrinsic energy.

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Those are all Thor’s abilities in Marvel’s Avengers. His hammer is pretty smashing but it’s nothing on Hulk’s abilities. You can also try out Iron Man’s skills, or Ms Marvel’s skills if you’re tempted, or perhaps Black Widow is more your speed.