How many acts are there in Back 4 Blood?

Find out how many missions are available in Back 4 Blood

The ridden crowding a helicopter in Back 4 Blood

Want to know how many acts there are in Back 4 Blood? Back 4 Blood’s act structure differs from Left 4 Dead’s campaigns in that missions comprise chapters, chapters comprise acts, and acts comprise the whole campaign.

A typical Left 4 Dead campaign lasts just under an hour, whereas a single chapter in Back 4 Blood lasts about as long, in our experience. Since there are multiple chapters to an act, and multiple acts to the whole campaign, it looks like Back 4 Blood will be a much meatier experience. Even the length of each mission can vary significantly when you start to throw corruption cards into the mix to adjust the difficulty of the zombie game.

The spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead has already proven to be very popular, reaching just shy of 100k concurrent players during its closed beta period. Back 4 Blood was originally supposed to launch back in June, but the release date was pushed back by four months to give the developers more time to polish the game.

Back 4 Blood features eight characters at launch, each with their own unique set of skills to complement any type of party. Picking the right set of characters is crucial if you want to tackle the game’s hardest difficulty mode. Here’s everything you need to know about the act system in Back 4 Blood.

The number of acts in Back 4 Blood

The developers haven’t confirmed how many acts are in the game right now, but based on what we’ve seen of the first act in the Back 4 Blood beta, we have a rough idea of how they’ll be structured.

In the beta, two chapters were playable, each containing a total of four missions. On Survivor difficulty, it took us just under two hours to get through all eight missions. Note that we don’t yet know for certain if these two chapters represent the entirety of the first act.

Here are all of the missions in the Back 4 Blood beta:

The Devil’s Return

  • Resurgence
  • Tunnel of Blood
  • Pain Train
  • The Crossing

Blue Dog Hollow

  • Bad Seeds
  • Hell’s Bells
  • Abandoned
  • The Sound of Thunder

That’s all there is to know about the act system in Back 4 Blood so far, but stay tuned as we’ll update this page when new information is made available. Until then, you may want to check out our Back 4 Blood preview and find out what sets it apart from other co-op shooters. Looking for more team-based gameplay? Check out the best co-op games on PC to explore completely different worlds with your mates.

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