Watch Baldur’s Gate 3’s Karlach finally play the game as Karlach

Samantha Béart plays Baldur's Gate 3's Karlach, and now they've played BG3 as Karlach, bringing it all full circle and proving they were perfect for the role.

Baldur's gate 3 karlach Twitch: a red tiefling with horns and a glowing orange chest

Baldur’s Gate 3 has already been seeping into the real world with the cast playing DnD in character, and now Karlach actress Samantha Béart has played through BG3 as Karlach, both basically in the game and out. It’s a total joy to watch, surprising no one I’m sure, and proves that Larian knew exactly who should play the colorful cast of characters.

Everyone loves Baldur’s Gate 3’s Karlach. The Teifling Barbarian is a joy to be around, and constantly brings what I like to call ‘Golden Retriever energy’ to any excursion. She loves life and wants to live it to the fullest, and, while this never fails to put a smile on my face during Baldur’s Gate 3, it makes the more tragic parts of actress Samantha Béart’s performance sting all the more.

Every single performance from the Baldur’s Gate 3 cast is phenomenal, we all just happen to have our favorites in the RPG game. Turns out Béart does too, so they’ve decided to treat us all with a ‘Karlach plays Karlach’ playthrough of the game, and it goes exactly how you’d expect it to.

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I very quickly realized while watching Béart’s playthrough that they have a penchant for talking to themselves as Karlach, which makes Larian’s casting choice all the clearer after the fact. Fans of the Baldur’s Gate 3 cast playing DnD will also get a kick out of this, as the fabled Bing Bong (an imp that imitates a doorbell by going “bing bong!”) even gets referenced too.

There’s mindless violence, looting, and a slew of barbarian checks that Béart naturally chooses for Karlach. They go as far as to rip open Shadowheart’s pod on the ship at the start, only to let her flop onto the ground face first. Typical.

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