Baldur’s Gate 3 now has a sniper rifle, rocket launcher, and big spoon

The same Baldur's Gate 3 modder that added guns to the RPG has now put an assault rifle, sniper, and even a giant spoon into the game.

Baldur's Gate 3 mod weapons: Karlach holding a rocket launcher

As I write this, Baldur’s Gate 3 modder ‘Palmaman33’ adds a high-powered sniper rifle to Larian’s RPG, and since I reported on them adding pistols to the Sword Coast, they’ve been really busy. Now there are even more real-world weapons available in BG3, and one of them is even a giant spoon. Yes, I’m serious.

The array of Baldur’s Gate 3 mods is truly staggering. From more DnD races to plenty of immersive fixes, you can revamp the RPG almost any way you see fit. Modder Palmaman33 even added pistols to Baldur’s Gate 3, and since then they’ve been going completely overboard with what you can use in the game.

On top of an M1911 and Colt Python, Palmaman33’s mods now include a Barrett M82 sniper rifle, an RPG rocket launcher, a Glock 19, an AKM assault rifle, and even a comically large spoon.

The spoon is a greatsword that’s intended as a joke, naturally, and all of the versions of said spoon work off very risky dice rolls, the 4-80 damage kind. Some of these weapons, like the AKM, sniper, and RPG, can be deadly if you end up using them. And just like with the Baldur’s Gate 3 gun mods, you can find them in the tutorial chest that you can spawn with the use of another mod.

Baldur's Gate 3 mod weapons: Atarion holding a sniper rifle

I said you could use the pistols to kit out your team with the last mods, but now the world is at your peril. The options here are brilliant, and while each one fits less in the world of the Forgotten Realms than the last, that’s not really what we’re here for, is it? You can find all of Palmaman33’s mods right here, and I’m certain we’ll be getting even more real soon.

If you’re looking for more we’ve already put together comprehensive breakdowns of every Baldur’s Gate 3 class and some great Baldur’s Gate 3 builds, and I’m sure any of these weapons will just fit right into them.

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