You can now get vital info in Baldur’s Gate 3 without even clicking

This new Baldur's Gate 3 mod makes targeting so much better, as you can now get lots more vital info without even needing to click.

Baldur's gate 3 mod targets: Wyll from Baldur's gate 3, with one stone eye, horns, and a cowboy hat

There are a lot of really great Baldur’s Gate 3 mods out there. You can easily revamp your experience in Faerûn, explore incredibly deep fan-made content, and introduce some major improvements to Larian’s RPG with a simple download. Today I’m talking about the latter, as one modder we’re already familiar with has updated some of their best work after patch 4 dropped.

Just as modder ‘Caites’ added a better context menu via an impressive Baldur’s Gate 3 mod, they have also made general play much easier by overhauling the RPG game’s targeting system. Now, with the newest patch from Larian, they’ve updated the targeting mod to be compatible and it’s something you won’t want to miss in Baldur’s Gate 3.

As is the case with some of the best mods this is a small, simple, but incredibly impactful change. Better Target Info adds loads of details to the target info panel in BG3, whether that be for enemies or containers. So now you can learn more about your enemy and what’s in that pesky chest just by hovering over it. This mod is also compatible with Baldur’s Gate 3 patch 4 now as well, making it the perfect time to give it a download.

Baldur's gate 3 mod targets: the BG3 in-game UI with some tweeks

For items, simply hovering over them will tell you the value of that trinket without needing to open the examine menu, while targeting a container can show you exactly how many items lay within. These are simple little changes but should help you decide if an item or chest is worth your time at a glance.

When hovering your mouse over people you’ll see the NPC icon and race under the target info bar, and you can even see status and vulnerabilities too, instead of having to go into the examine tab. This couples with some quality-of-life improvements for BG3 like names being bolded so they’re clearer, and you even have three levels you can set for the mod.

You can see everything mentioned above, or a lite version that just adds resistances and vulnerabilities to combat NPCs, with everything else about the target panel remaining vanilla. You can find Caites’ mod here, along with plenty of other excellent changes to BG3.

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