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League of Legends meets Stardew Valley in adorable new RPG

Lazy Bear Games and Riot Forge are teaming up to bring us an adorable cozy crossover RPG that blends League of Legends with Stardew Valley.

Bandle Tale: League of Legends Yordle character Teemo, a small dog-like creature, sits on a green and red mushroom

Bandle Tale has to be the cutest RPG game I’ve seen in ages, and it was only just revealed by Riot Forge. The team behind League of Legends is teaming up with Lazy Bear Games, an indie developer best known for its iconic farming game, Graveyard Keeper, to bring us a cozy crafting experience all about yordles. That’s right, Teemo lovers. Bandle Tale is set in Bandle City, where you play as a shy yordle from Yarnville who excels at knitting. With a mix of LoL champions and Stardew Valley vibes, what’s not to love?

“One little Yordle, one humongous problem,” the game’s description reads. As a yordle, you’ll experience the enchanted world of Bandle City and its furry inhabitants. Following your century-long apprenticeship, you’ll set out to explore the entirety of the city, including life beyond the bandlewoods. With curious critters and crafting galore, your little yordle is tasked with knitting a magical path through Bandle City’s portals.

Just like any good crafting or farming experience, Bandle Tale provides a world with various materials and seemingly impossible crafts. You’ll also get to throw fun festivals for your fellow yordles, cultivate yummy crops, and cook delicious dishes. If you enjoy a more science-based approach in your wholesome games, you’ll be happy to learn that you can also build tons of cool gadgets for the little guys.

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The fun doesn’t end at the yordles for League fans, though. On the official Steam page, the developer writes, “Befriend colorful characters and make League of Legends champions your allies as you unravel the mysteries around you and mend your community.” That’s right, you won’t take things one magical stitch at a time alone, but rather alongside some of your favorite LoL champions.

I honestly haven’t been this excited for a League-related game, well, ever. I don’t like playing LoL myself, but I do enjoy the game’s lore and I know I’ll love Bandle Tale. Yordles are undeniably adorable, and every mechanic detailed thus far about the upcoming crafting game matches my interests perfectly. No specific release date has been given, but Bandle Tale is coming in 2024. This could be the bridge the competitive and wholesome gaming communities always needed.

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