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Battlefield 2042’s latest trailer is an Nvidia RTX and DLSS enriched treat

EA's latest Battlefield 2042 gameplay trailer shows off the game's Nvidia DLSS, Reflex, and weather enhancing ray tracing features

Battlefield 2042 still with soldiers and a yellow crane

Battlefield 2042 is arguably EA’s most flamboyant first-person shooter yet, with 128 multiplayer support and weather effects that are sure to push gaming PCs to the limit. Thankfully, the futuristic FPS game comes armed with a trifecta of RTX features, and its latest trailer gives us a glimpse of Nvidia DLSS, ray tracing, and Reflex in action.

Captured using an Nvidia GeForce RTX series card, the gameplay trailer showcases the visual benefits of DLSS AI upscaling, alongside the green team’s ray tracing ambient occlusion. It’s needless to say that Battlefield 2042’s extreme weather effects benefit from high-quality reflections, especially when it comes to wet terrain and slick surfaces, but DLSS also plays a role in making the experience possible. Put it this way, without AI upscaling enabled, the particle effects on display in this trailer alone would probably bring most graphics cards to their knees.

Before you get too hyped for Battlefield 2042’s fidelity features, you should note that and DLSS requires an Nvidia RTX series card. Thankfully, Nvidia Reflex is available to cards newer than the GeForce GTX 900 series, so even if you’re running an older rig, your shots should strike true. Admittedly, it’s hard to get the gist of Reflex’s low latency benefits by watching a trailer. Nevertheless, its inclusion is the cherry on top of a delightful RTX frosted cake that’s sure to make Battlefield 2042 an absolute treat.

Naturally, while features like DLSS can help enhance gameplay on systems both old and new, your personal experience may differ from EA’s latest trailer. Sure, RTX cards stand a better chance at running the game, but if your daily driver is an RTX laptop GPU, your mileage will vary compared to a top-end desktop model like the RTX 3080.

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So, before joining EA’s FPS fold on PC, you might want to check out Battlefield 2042’s system requirements. If you’re still wondering ‘can I run Battlefield 2042?‘, our friends at PCGameBenchmark can help you out.