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Battlefield 2042 roadmap for 2023 hints at what’s coming in Season 4

EA/DICE has laid out a Battlefield 2042 roadmap for the beginning of 2023, with some approximate timing for when the next map reworks will be released

Battlefield 2042 roadmap update: Battlefield 2042's four recon specialists pose against a black and glowing cyan in a piece of key art

It’s now been a year since the launch of Battlefield 2042, and the FPS game has come a long way. Developer EA/DICE has more plans in store, though, and has now provided a few hints at what’s to come after Season 3 in a Battlefield 2042 roadmap update.

First up, there are two updates coming during the current season, with the first one due out sometime later in December. Battlefield 2042 update 3.1 will introduce the reworked version of the launch map Manifest, with its flags brought in closer to the action and improved visibility across the map.

The second Season 3 update will arrive “early next year,” and that will feature the major overhaul to the arctic Breakaway map. In the reworked version, the entire oil rig has been brought in closer to the rest of the action, while the flags have been completely rearranged.

Update 3.2 will also be the official reintroduction of the classic Battlefield class system, which has been a big point of feedback since Battlefield 2042’s launch. EA/DICE says it’s learned a lot through that process – and that the feedback it’s gotten about the specialists in 2042 will inform decisions about future Battlefield games.

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Season 4 will likely land sometime in March, and will add the final new specialist to Battlefield 2042. While EA/DICE isn’t ready to reveal the specialist yet, the developer says they’ll be slotting into the recon class – so expect someone who knows their way around a long-range rifle scope.

Also in Season 4, players can expect the reworked version of Discarded. EA/DICE says it’s still working on refreshing the only remaining launch map after that, Hourglass, and will have more information about when that’ll be added to the game in the next development update – expect that to happen early in the new year.

Season 5 won’t include a new operator – the developers say 14 is a number they’re happy with – but it will include the usual new map, new gear, new vehicles, and battle pass.

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